NSV - Who wears those Pants and Jackets


I was at my parents house yesterday and they have a good chunk of my clothing that I cannot wear anymore.

I was bored so I decided to try them on thinking "They wont fit" when I got in there.
My jackets fit again and I can zip them up! My tops do too! The shirts are a little snug, but they still fit!


I have a lot of really cute dress pants and more at my parents house, I just can't wear them because of my weight, they are size 13-14.
I could zip them up and button them! I still need to lose some chunkage, but they fit!

I love getting motivation from the past!


  • chelleann777
    chelleann777 Posts: 94 Member
    That is definetly a victory for you and your closet:) WTG!
  • kitkatkmt
    kitkatkmt Posts: 178 Member
    Fabulous!!! Nice job - I have a few boxes of clothing that are a huge motivation for me - I can't wait to get back into them!!
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