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Im new here, and was jsut wonder what is your goal?



  • mechanicmommechanicmom Posts: 5,469Member Member Posts: 5,469Member Member
    I'm 31 and 5'5" and I weigh 157. I just joined this site yesterday after starting to keep track of my calorie intake on Sunday. I lost a pound so far this week! Yay!
    I'm trying not to watch the scale, as hard as that is for me, but to go by how my clothes feel. I wear size 14 and would love to be a size 8! I haven't been that small since I was 19 and that's because I was very sick. That seems to be the only time I lose weight is when I am sick. So I am hoping that this time I can lose it and be healthy when I do!
  • apoetgoddessapoetgoddess Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member
    I am 22 years old, I weigh, do I have to say it, almost 250 pounds. That's alot of weight on my short 5'3" frame. My goal is to reach 130. That's a whopping 120 pounds! I have a lot of work to do. I am not looking for a two pound a week drop. I want more of a 7-10 pound a week drop. Too bad they don't offer advice for that much weight loss. I know it can be very bad to drop that much so fast. Like anyone really wants a bunch of loose skin, but I feel like I am losing myself and my health. Good luck to everyone here! I hope everyone reaches their goals!
  • SugarBearRetiredSugarBearRetired Posts: 76Member Member Posts: 76Member Member
    I'm a 5'3" woman and weigh around 152. My goal is 130 or less! But, 130 is realistic- that's what i weighed 4 years ago when I got married.
  • beekgurlbeekgurl Posts: 5Member Posts: 5Member
    I'm 29, started my diet when at 202lbs 3 months ago. My target is 125-130 lbs. The pounds doesn't come off fast but I'd lost a dress size in the 3 months. Currenlty I weight 196 lbs. I'm not discourage with the slow weight loss as I feel the difference in my cloths fit and also the motivation fuel by the compliments and amazed look on the faces of those that'd not seen me for a while. Most of all, I feel great that I am finally taking control of my life and not succumbing to whatever i just 'feel' i want. Keep up the good work here, everyone :)
  • jessup_70jessup_70 Posts: 13Member Posts: 13Member
    Hey all ...

    i'm 36 yrs old....5'6" / 5' 7"- on a good day ..starting weight was 307 lbs , todays i'm 189 my only goal is a healthier life style , ( getting out every day and doing something , not sitting infront of the television. ) and food wise i have been pretty religious on removing all the junk out of my food plan. ( hate the word diet)
    i still enjoy a pop or chocolate bar once in a while , but in definate moderation. and i love this sight it has definatley enlightened me on what i was eating that was allowing me to gain and keep gaining.... thanks...cudos to you all who are giving life a new shot........MIchael
  • filergirlfilergirl Posts: 240Member Posts: 240Member
    I'm 28, 5'4 and 138 pounds. I really want to be slender (not thin, I look terrible thin). I'm looking to lose about 20 lbs. I did lose the weight quite rapidly last winter (in about six weeks) but gained it back when I got careless. So I'm trying to do it gradually and healthily this time.
  • julieofthewolvesjulieofthewolves Posts: 339Member Member Posts: 339Member Member
    I'm soon to be 42 (I'm a Scorpio!), 5'4" and weigh 150. Already down 8 pounds since August 19th. My goal is to be 135 pounds. Granted, if I was like 'mehughes' and get to a goal of 118 with the same height, that would be awesome. But - I think 135 is more realistic. We'll see. If this goes better than I think I will go further!

    My issue: new job last year and now drive 2 hours/each way. I work long hours since I am starting up a new organization. But I am hiring a new person next week so that will help a lot!

    My father died of heart disease when he was 43. So I try hard to keep the weight down, exercise and take care of myself.

    I'm allergic to most diet sugar substitutes so I have a real problem trying to get a sweet craving fix.

    My treat - I keep a dark chocolate bar in the freezer where I sometimes forget about it. When I do remember that its there I have only one square. okay, okay, maybe sometimes two squares.
  • julieofthewolvesjulieofthewolves Posts: 339Member Member Posts: 339Member Member
    Whoopsie. I meant I drive two hours/day - not each way. Driving 2 hours each way would resemeble something like hell and while I may go there someday, it's not where I work.
  • LessIsMoreLessIsMore Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    (I used to do a 5 hour daily commute, 2.5 each way - believe me when I say it is worse than hell! Now I work from home to make up for it ;) )

    I'm 32 and my long term goal is to lose 100 pounds. It's funny how hard it is to type that... I've been in such denial for so long, and the image I have in my mind in now way matches the reality. But my short term goal is just to lose 25 pounds. Mid-range goal, to drop below 200 again. And to learn healthy, sustainable eating habits.
  • MommyMoniqueMommyMonique Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member
    Hi I am new here too! I joined because I wanted to lose the babie weight I gained in my pregnany.

    at 5'9 and Just had a baby two months ago! My pre-pregnancy weight was 175lbs. but before that I did the Atkins diet and got down to 140lbs. The day I went in to have my baby I was at 229lbs. and 2 weeks after that I went down to 215lbs. and now today I am at 197lbs. (my baby was only 6lbs and 14oz. when he was born so not a big baby at all).
  • MommyMoniqueMommyMonique Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member
    I forgot to add my weight goal.

    my 1st goal is to get down to 170lbs. and then to 140lbs. and if I can do that then I will go for 130lbs. Hoping to end at 125lbs. by next Summer.
  • redaleeredalee Posts: 256Member Member Posts: 256Member Member
    I'm in my 40's, weigh 210, am 5'7. My goal weight is 170. I've reached 150 in years past with Weight Watchers (a long long time ago) and my husband thought I was too skinny, my mother said I looked like a concentration camp victim. So 170 it is.
  • SUGARPLUM098SUGARPLUM098 Posts: 60Member Posts: 60Member
    i just joined fitnesspal this week. im weighing now at 176. My goal weight is 140. I want to be close to that weight by Christmas. I have some hard work to do.
  • sturge161sturge161 Posts: 37Member Member Posts: 37Member Member
    I am 27 years old and when I started last month I was 132. I am now at 125 but my goal is about 115-118 but more importantly, I want to see some muscle and not doughy skin. About 5 years ago I got down to 112 due to rollerblading daily but I doubt that will be possible again. I also want to create better habits- I used to have no problem going to Qdoba and eating the nachos and then having a BOWL of ice cream that night. I am also forcing myself to take a vitamin every day since I don't like vegetables.
  • nbuehrmannnbuehrmann Posts: 47Member Member Posts: 47Member Member
    Hi! Well I'm 5'10 (woman), I'm 22 and I would like to lose around 30 lbs. I'm tired of not feeling comfortable in my own body and am determined to get in control and lose some of the weight. I feel like I'm predisposed to gaining weight because of genetics and my body type (which seems to put on weight so easily but fights tooth and nail to keep me from losing). Its frusterating because since I've started i think... almost 2 months ago, I'm actually heavier now than when i began :S. But it's all a process, I'm prepared to work hard, not give up and build good habits for the future. I know it'll start coming off soon! I don't need to see immediate results (some results soon would be good), but the idea that at least I'm building muscle and helping build a healther immune system really helps to motivate me. Plus this site is awsome. I really feel I'm on the right path.
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