Split frame pics

I see several profile pics that are split frame with the larger self on one side and a smaller self on the other.

Are these actual pictures of the person before and after or are they a starting photo and a digitally progressive enhanced picture?

If they are starting photo and digitally enhanced images of what is to come, I would love to do something like that myself.

Because I have always had weight issues, I shyed away from the camara's until more recently when my friends wouldn't let me shy away and all of those are about the size I am now. Therefore I don't have an image (even in my mind) of how I want to look once I am at a healthy weight - or even a progressively lower weight than I am now. :ohwell:

So much of the motivation I have heard is to visualize the end result (or mini-goals if end result is too unimaginable for visuals yet), but it is hard to visualize something you don't remember expereincing or seeing. Yes I can look at others and say, "I want to be that size, but then the person is gone and the image fades, and also it is hard to visually transfer my own image onto someone elses frame as each individual is unique.

Would be interested in what others have to say and how those split frame pics are done! Thanks :smile:


  • ElizaRoche
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    could be either... If they already reached their goal weight, they could use paint/photoshop to paste the two real pics together..

    If not, you can use mvm.com and get a virtual image of your before and after.