when to weigh sweet potato's

When weighing sweet potato's for nutritional information, should I weigh them before I cook or after I cook?


  • Mawkish1983
    Mawkish1983 Posts: 117 Member
    It depends on what the nutritional information says. If it says "raw" do it before. If it says "cooked" do it afterwards. If it has neither, find the information somewhere else.
  • mfpmech
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    agreed with mawk

    search sweet potatoes, and select the raw or cooked version. don't aim for brands added by MFP members, aim for the entry that has no asterisk (*) next to it. that one will probably match the USDA profile for the vegetable, and be pretty accurate.
  • JLove2Zumba
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    I always use the option cooked without skin and I microwave it, Remove skin, and weigh out the grams
  • dvisser1
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    Mawkish hit it perfectly.

    I weigh all foods raw, veg and meats, and log the correct values when cooking at home.
  • smilewithkatherine
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    Thanks everyone! This was really helpful.