Skinny Fat Realizations

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When was the first time you noticed or discovered you were "skinny fat"?

My lightbulb moment was right after my honeymoon when I showed some co-workers the photos and one of them expressed shock at how slender I appeared in regular clothes but looked bigger in a bathing suit. OUCH. Yep, the truth really does hurt.

Too bad it took me another ten years before I actually did anything about it.

My biggest regret is that I look so unbelievably frumpy in my honeymoon photos and unfortunately, there's no do-overs for that.


  • blonde71
    blonde71 Posts: 955 Member
  • This my my reason for joining MFP and starting to get healthier! I'm happy with how I look, but in photos I seem to not look like myself. I'm at the very high end of the "healthy" bmi and go back and forth by a percentage point. (24.9 to 25.3)

    I'm planning on loseing as much as I can within reason (hopefully 5-10 pounds) by July 9th!
  • TheRealParisLove
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    I have found it hard to find support for weight loss because I am at a "healthy" weight, but I look like crap. I wear shapewear to look normal under clothes, but shorts or swim suits are out of the question. My family and friends who are visibly overweight say things like "I'd kill to be your size" and dismiss any efforts I make to get healthy and in shape.

    My goal right now is simple: To lose 20 pounds.
  • Meggles63
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    I realized it when I got down to 130 and still looked flabby. Don't want to lose any more weight ( I'm 5'5"), but was very disappointed with how I looked, espcially, as my arms and legs were like sticks, and the rest was flabby.
  • sslia
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    I'm at the lower end of healthy bmi but i have absolutely no tone or definition. I look at photos and i just look flabby. I have to be in a bikini soon and i'm not excited at all
  • psiren28
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    I'd never even heard of the term before joining here. I just wanted to lose weight, now there's a whole host of other things to obsess about :grumble: I'm skinny fat and I care about as much as I do for thigh gaps i.e. not one bit!!

    Oh, I also lift girlie weights :laugh:
  • MJ7910
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    i realize how frumpy i used to look when i weighed less than i do now! i weighed 120 in high school but had no definitiion. now i'm like 125-130 and you can actually see the signs of abs, muscles in my arms and legs, etc. big difference
  • SpydrMnky27
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    Looking at pictures of myself and seeing zero definition.
  • LorinaLynn
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    I didn't realize I was heading down that path until I was already well away from that path.

    I lost weight the wrong way and looked like hell, so I quit dieting and slowly gained again. THIS time losing weight, I didn't do it the wrong way, and looked leaner at 140 than I did at 130 previously.
  • rudegyal_b
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    I realized it yesterday, when I hit goal. I look nothing like I expected I would. Oh well, new goal it is :)
  • blonde71
    blonde71 Posts: 955 Member
    i realize how frumpy i used to look when i weighed less than i do now! i weighed 120 in high school but had no definitiion. now i'm like 125-130 and you can actually see the signs of abs, muscles in my arms and legs, etc. big difference

    Me too!! I looked back at my high school prom pic and I look so soft and fluffly, lol. 23 years later and I actually look better. Go figure...
  • WhitneyAnnabelle
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    I actually realized it when I joined MFP (I think that was January). I had effectively stopped weight training due to health issues and seeing people on here who are shorter than I am, heavier than I am, and have 5% less body fat than I have really screwed with my head. It still does.
  • BronnersHarris
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    Aside from pregnancies and one blip with weight I have always been 'skinny fat'. I get looks from people if they notice I'm making healthier food choices as though I shouldn't need to bother but whilst I'm skinny I'm not fit. Couldn't run any distance and had no strength.

    Have only been on the site a couple of months and been doing 30 Day Shred and jogging and have started to see a real difference. I initially dropped about 9 lbs and have stayed at the same weight for a while but am loosing inches.

    Would love some 'skinny fat'ers on my friends list to see how others are making progress so please feel free to add me. :)
  • Yanicka1
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    After 3 months of dieting I was lighter but my shape was the same.

    Now I look better than I ever did
  • Stephyshoes
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    I realized that I was skinny-fat when I joined this site...I'd had an inkling of it before, but it never really sank in until I saw some pictures of women with actual muscle tone and realized that my goals and priorities needed to change! I thought I wanted to lose weight, but what I really wanted was to change my body composition. Glad to say that I'm well on my way to that now. :)