Sugar limit so low!

Hi. Never calorie counted before so please forgive obvious ignorance! Was surprised to see I was blowing the sugar goal for each day. When I explored why it turns out that a few pieces of fruit blow the budget out of the water! Surely fruit is a good thing to eat? Do others hit their sugar target? How do you do it eating a normal diet? I have to fit in with family meals :/


  • ColleenRoss50
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    Although I do usually limit my fruits to two servings a day and concentrate on having more vegetable servings, I really don't worry too much about sugar if it is coming from fruits. Fruits have a lot of other important and beneficial nutrients. The sugars that I try to stay away from are the empty sugars and hidden sugars found in baked goods and many processed foods. If you like fruits don't sweat it too much. A calorie is a calorie and, wherever your calories are coming from, as long as you are maintaining a calorie deficit you should lose weight.
  • rebrcca3434
    If the sugar is coming from fruit I wouldn't worry about it unless you are diabetic or something. I'm always I little over in the sugar department but Id try to cut back other sugary snacks foods as needed. Fruits have so many nutrients that you need.
  • ClearNotCloudyMind
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    Thanks. Always either ate what I wanted before or starved myself thin so abysmally ignorant on all this stuff. Thanks for answers!
  • LouisaMoo
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    I've noticed the same thing, and I've basically concluded that if I think my diet that day has been healthy, then as long as I'm within my calories I don't really care what the others say. You will know whether something has lots of bad sugar, as in processed, or good sugar, as in natural. The site just sees a number - it can't tell the difference between high fructose corn syrup and a banana.
  • shbretired
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    Well your diary is private so all I can say is with added activity you earn more sugar, and I rarely go over or use all I earn, and I eat fruit daily.