CHOCOLATE!!! Yes, you can too eat it on a "diet."

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Something to consider in regards to chocolate. I know for probably 90% it's a weakness (especially at TOM for the ladies.) So eat it in moderation like everything else. Want to make it a healthier choice? Here are some tips.

1) Start tasting dark chocolate. I won't list any suggestions- I don't want to be the one to create anymore triggers than I already have.

2) As you learn to enjoy dark chocolate, start seeking out 60% or higher. My favorite is the Ghiradelli's 70%. Even my hubby likes it.

3) Read the nutritional facts. Choose chocolate that is higher than fat than sugar in gms. This will slow down the process of it turning into sugar into your blood stream. And remember, eat only your snack allotment. Men 200-300 calories and women 100-200 calories. READ THE LABELS!

And if you do decide to get something that has two in it (like Reeses' Dark pb cups); remember it's two servings in that package. Either share it! Throw the other away if you're feeling weak (let it go to waste- NOT WAIST!)!! or put it in the freezer behind something for a treat in another two weeks. Perfect for TOM!

Remember we're learning to live with food, not live for it!! It's about eating to live, not living to eat. :D

Have a super Sunday and get in those workouts!!


  • jo_marnes
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    Chocolate is my weakness. But I know this and I allow for it in my diet and my exercise. If I want it, I need to earn it. So I do. I eat very well otherwise and chocolate is my guilty pleasure. I can live with that.
  • Dave198lbs
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    pure silk dark chocolate almond milk is awesome...add some ice, some chocolate protein powder and its a fantastic chocolate shake
  • MarilynC1956
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    Hershey's with Almonds is my favorite candy bar, so instead of doing without, I break them in half and it does me for 2 days at 105 calories per snack. I also buy the snack size in different candy bars. Most are between 60 and 90 calories each, and it gives me that little chocolate kick at the end of my meal.
  • HelloSweetie4
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    Dark chocolate was always a favorite of mine, but when I was a kid they didn't sell it in single bars. I'm so happy they do now! Come to think of it... I haven't had much of a craving for chocolate since I started my weight-loss... weird
  • BeautyFromPain
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    Dark chocolate is amazing as in the fact I can not eat more than one single piece because it is just way too rich otherwise. Thanks for the reminder :)
  • johicks
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    Ooooh! I might have to indulge in that chocolate shake idea!!
  • loztredders
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    I've learnt to control my chocolate eating now finally, however, there has been times in the past when I've eaten a 100g bar of 80% cocoa dark chocolate! A square was never enough for me!
  • matchbox_girl
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    Yay! The best thing about this site? I don't have to stop eating anything. I'm still a junk food junkie (no judgments!) but documenting everything makes me open my eyes to all those high cal foods. So I've learned that if I want Taco bell for dinner, I just eat very light until then.....then I can enjoy and be under my limit....sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's not.....but I love having that control.

  • chevy88grl
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    I eat chocolate every. single. day.

    I have cookies every. single. day.

    I refuse to give up the things I really love. I've lost almost 60lbs and I've kept it all off since Sept 2010. Making food "off limits" can and often does lead to binge eating. Eating a serving of M&M's or a Reese's Peanut butter cup (oh and one package is a serving.. not one peanut butter cup) or cookies or whatever each day won't kill you. Actually, in my experience.. it keeps me sane. Too many people forget that this is the only life you have to live - remember to ENJOY it!
  • AlwaysInMotion
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    try cocoa roast almonds (by Diamond, I think). Get that lovely taste of cocoa powder on top of healthy almond. I grab 3-5 when I'm about to buckle under a nasty chocolate craving. Works for me!