Jorge Cruise/Dr. Oz Skinny Muffin ... do you do it?

It is not terribly low in calories but is low carb, zero sugar and keeps you full a long time plus gets a lot of flax in your diet. The original recipe has a TSP of baking powder (per mug!) - I have found the baking powder is completely unnecessary, adds a lot of sodium and dries the muffin out. The final consistency of this one is between a muffin and bread pudding.

My adapted version of Jorge Cruise Skinny Muffins

Makes one serving

1/4 cup ground flax
1 tsp stevia
cinnamon or nutmeg to taste
1 tsp coconut oil
1 egg

optional fruit: a few blueberries, tbsp mashed banana, few strawberries, chopped dark chocolate if you are feeling totally decadent

Mix first 3 ingredients together in a mug, stir or "cut in" coconut oil depending on the weather (it is harder in cold weather, liquid here right now), then beat in the egg. Stir in optional fruit. Microwave for 60-70 seconds until you start to see it rise to the top. Turn out onto a plate. If this is dessert, add an optional drizzle of milk, half and half or cream - whoa.

I come up with 250 calories, 11 carbs, 20 fat, 12 protein, 0 sugar for a plain muffin without fruit or cream.


  • jenandten
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    No one?
  • I've been doing The 100 for almost a week and love it. I'm surprised how easy it is to get through a day with very little sugar. Yesterday I made the muffin exactly as written (with the flax meal) and it was pretty good. Today I made it with almond flour and added almond extract and a few chopped pecans. It tastes just like a nut bread. I made mine in a large ramekin instead of a coffee mug and it looks like a small cake. I've only been able to eat half of one so that cuts the calories in half. I saw on a blog where they added cheese and jalapenos which sounds really good. I'm thinking if I can find some banana extract the almond flour one may taste like banana nut bread. It's going to be a keeper in my recipe file.
  • This sounds fantastic. I'm going to make this myself (though I will not use egg), and see how it goes! Might just be a nice snack. Sometimes I have a hard time getting in all the calories I need right now since I am expecting. Thanks for posting!
  • kathicooks
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    I have been making these at least once a week for almost a year. Love them, especially in the winter when I want something hot that tastes like it's full of carbs. Often I use half flax meal/half almond meal. I like the texture and flavor better. Try a tablespoon of canned pure pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) and it it gets softer, more like a baker muffin.

    Just never overcook, or it'll be like eating styrofoam!

  • WanderingLass
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    Looks interesting! If one does not have a microwave (didn't bring it when we moved 1700 miles & have no room for one now) -- what time/temp would you recommend for baking?
  • Rianne90
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    Is this made with flax meal (finely ground like flour), or the flax seeds that are 'broken' (not sure what the english word is, but it's basically flax seeds that are broken up a little bit so they're easier to digest or something)?
    The finely ground variety makes more sense to me, but I'm not completely sure so I thought I'd ask (also if I can maybe replace it with whole wheat flour?)
  • ddlw729
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    What did I do wrong? This muffin was really, really bitter. Is any one else's turning out bitter and what did you do to correct it?
  • ddlw729-
    too much cinnamon? also, stevia can be bitter...maybe too much stevia? (or not enough...i find stevia to be rather picky lol)
  • CindaWhite
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    did you use powdered or liquid stevia. I make my sweet tea with stevia but I use the liquid as the powder can be very bitter. Good luck next try!
    DEEDLYNN Posts: 235 Member
    I use to make these all the time. Sometimes adding garlic for a more savory roll. I had forgotten all about these...but with flavorings/spices, the possibilities are endless. I think I even used cocoa powder and agave nector once to make it more brownie like.
  • So glad I found this post. I love the Skinny Muffin but have found it a bit dry. I will try cutting back or eliminating the baking powder. Thanks everyone for all the great ideas!