P90x or Insantity?

I'm thinking of adding either P90x or Insanity to my workout. I currently work with a trainer 2x a week and do Zumba 2-3x wk, plus I just started jogging. I'm 6lbs away from my goal of 126 and I'm 2.95% away from my body fat being 20%. I'm looking for something that will help define my muscles more.

Looking for advise from those that have done one or both. Any recommendations would be great appreciated. What kind of results have you seen as well?

Many thanks for the reply's!

Sheila :flowerforyou:


  • Meggles63
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    Hi! I've done both! Since you're near your goal, and want to define/build your lean body mass, I would definitely go with P90x over Insanity. You can adapt P90x so that you might do fewer repetitions, but at a higher weight, and that should get you where you want to be. Good luck!
  • twinmama1987
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    since you r alredy doing so much cardio id say p90x . insanity is all tough cardio
  • Skeels
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  • Mercenary1914
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    Dag good post...

    I may have to try this whole p90x afterall myself
  • Sheila_Ann
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    Thanks! p90x it is!

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Erykah3584
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    I just completed P90X in May and I loved it. I love how it's a mix of both cardio and strength training and you do a different workout everyday of the week. I got more muscle definition in my arms, shoulders, legs, pretty much everywhere! I also got noticably stronger. The workouts are about 45 minutes to 75 minutes long, yoga is 90 minutes. Hope I helped!
  • amnski
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    I would say P90X as well. Good luck and have fun :happy:
  • tryinghard71
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    Dag good post...

    I may have to try this whole p90x afterall myself

    P90X made the difference for me!