Harry Bosch fans?

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I just finished reading The Brass Verdict (HB #14 and Mickey Haller #2.) I want to continue with the series, but the reviews for Nine Dragons make it seem like the story line is a little far fetched. Has anyone read it? I was considering reading The Lincoln Lawyer (Mickey Haller #1) instead. Decisions...


  • MzBug
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    My almost inlaws introduced me to the Harry Bosch books. I have since picked up about 10 of Michael Connelly's books and all of them are worth reading. Another author you might find interesting is Nelson DeMille, The Lions Game followed by The Lion.
  • frootcat
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    I just recently read The Lincoln Lawyer and liked it very much. I know I've read other books by Connelly but I can't think of any off hand. DeMille is also very good, especially his earlier books.

    I just recently ran across Harlan Coban and I've been enjoying his books too, but to me they're more a tongue-in-cheek style story. Worth reading, but the characters are a bit too...much.