Hi! I'm new and my goal is to look great in pictures!

I'm here to FINALLY drop the last 15-20 pounds and be firmly in the "healthy" bmi range. I yo-to from 170-175 normally, whuch puts me at 24-25 bmi.

I used to weight 220, but lost the weight through low carb dieting and stopped and started to maintain. I'm happy with how I look in person, but in pictures I still look fat. It bugs me.

I wokr graveyard shifts and becasue of that I've been eating more and more unhealthy. my work buys us candy,chips,sodas,pizza, all in an effort to stay awake and be productive. I don't have an issue with falling asleep, but I eat the food they give me anyway ::facepalm::

So about three days ago, with one month away from our big disney trip, I decided to buckle down and start to eat healthier and exersize.

My goal is to lose about 5-10 pounds in time for the big trip and (hopefully) I'll look great in all our pictures. I'm so sick of not taking family photos becasue I'm going to "look fat" in them.


  • dicoveringwhoIam
    dicoveringwhoIam Posts: 480 Member
    Good goal!! Good luck!
  • PurpleGyrl13
    PurpleGyrl13 Posts: 84 Member
    Welcome! Love the goal....I want to go to!!!! But heck, I might be going to Disneyland for the first time in October so I have a similar goal as well.
  • dandelioon
    dandelioon Posts: 4 Member
    Do it for yourself, not just because you want to look pretty in family picturces !
    But anyway, good luck! :)
  • Nic620
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    Well your picture looks fine to me lol. Love your haircut! Super jealous your Disney trip is so soon! I just got off phone booking our! Not until November thou :-(.

    I'm always happy to give support. Go ahead and send a FR if you like! Good luck!!!
  • wakie27
    wakie27 Posts: 26
    That was my goal before our Disney trip in May! I wanted to be able to enjoy looking at our pics from the trip :) good luck! And have tons of fun on your vacation!!! We can't wait to go back!
  • samwise29
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    Aww the very best of luck. I know how you feel, so hope you manage to shift the weight you want! x