how do I battle caffeine withdrawals?

My head is killing me. I didn't realize how bad it was until I began to limit my intake. I took some advil, still have a heachache though.


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    I chose surrender. :laugh:

    Actually I started making my morning coffee with "lite coffee." It has half the caffeine of regular. I'll probably start mixing that half and half with decaf. If you get your coffee from a shop they'll be happy to mix a cup of half-caff for you.
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    I say taper off. It really does help. Drink tons of water too.
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    Wean off sloooowly. Caffeine withdrawal is a b!tch. I'm finally to the point where I don't feel like I 'have' to have it to function properly.
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    I quit cold turkey, and just dealt with the headaches for about 2 weeks. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, because you are probably drinking fewer fluids now if you stopped drinking coffee.

    I must say though, I feel like I have so much more energy now that I'm off caffeine. I no longer need that cup of coffee in the morning to get up and get moving.
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    hair of the dog. You have to ween off off caffeine
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    By having a cup of coffee! :wink:
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    I couldn't do it. I keep trying, and every single time, I start with the headaches, and the sleepiness...
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    drink more caffeine... :P
    One cup of coffee a day is actually good for you. It's the sugar that is bad. So taper off on the sugar. You can get flavored creamer that sweetens the coffee for you. I just got some "Heath" flavored creamer. My coffee tastes like chocolate and I didn't add extra sugar :)
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    Why are you stopping? Caffeine is good...but try using B12 supplements

    EDIT: try with like 1500mcg of it
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    Another surrender. Caffeine isn't all bad.
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    I pretty much stopped drinking coffee and only now have the odd one now and then. i had the headache you mention but only for a day. Then I just drank green tea or rooibos tea and was fine. It was only a short period of time before it didn't bother me anymore at all. Good luck, drink plenty of water and maybe even decaffeinated coffee to keep you going!
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    why are you eliminating caffeine?

    I wouldn't try to do such a thing. No need.
  • I'm going to have to taper off a little more slowly. I've been allowing myself 1 glass of Pepsi Next a day, when I used to drink two big gulps of diet pepsi every day, plus green tea. I didn't think I was addictied. I figured "Oh, I'll just stop drinking soda, I can do that" I don't have a craving for soda, but I'm realizing I need my caffeine to fuction.

    I've switched to caffene free tea, perhaps I'll swtich back and brew some green tea. If I'm going to go to work and operate heavey machinery I can't be feeling like I have a mirgane all the time, but I don't want to go back to drinking a ton of soda
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    Went cold turkey - head hurt for 2 - 3 days and then I was fine. I have been off caffeine for nearly 12 years now, and when I drink it now I get a headache. it is a drug - just get it out of your body. But extra WATER is a key to keeping you feeling better. Good Luck!
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    it is a drug

    Um no, it's not a drug. It is a stimulant that may act like one, though.
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    Caffeine withdrawal sucks. Frankly, unless your doctor has told you that you need to give it up, there's really no medical reason to do so. Removing it will hinder, not help, weight loss - caffeine is a mild stimulant.

    Having said that, if you've resolved to give it up, here are a few things I've learned from my occasional bouts of a decaf life:

    1. There is a fixed amount of pain associated with removing caffeine from your life. That pain is proportional to how much you are currently using. You can go cold turkey and have a few days to a week of more pain, or wean off it slowly and have a longer period of lower-level pain.

    2. Many headache medicines are only spectacularly effective because they contain caffeine. Read the label. Removing a cup of coffee from your diet and replacing it with a headache pill that has MORE caffeine is setting yourself up for more trouble.

    3. I've found it more effective if giving up coffee to switch to caffeinated tea first. I've come to believe (based on nothing but personal experience) that coffee has something else in it that makes the withdrawal symptoms somehow worse. A few weeks on tea then a slow weaning from there seems easier somehow. Either that or mix in an increasing amount of decaf and get rid of the caffeine THEN the rest of the coffee.

    4. Hydrate. Drink lots of water. It buffers the symptoms a bit.
  • I've been having insomnia issues. Trying to cut back on the caffeine (along with other things) to help.
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