Eating enough?

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Preface: Mostly I think I'm probably just looking for someone to pat me on the head and tell me everything is fine. It's nice to get reassurance now and then.

I realize it's only been a week, but I'm not really seeing any results. And by *seeing* I mean what I see on the scale. Now I know that I'm coming back from several weeks off at the gym and maintenance eating in an attempt to break my plateau. I'm sure my lifting has resulted in some water weight, and it's not like my sodium intake is super low--and it's not likely to be.

My bodybugg tells me I burn about 2800-2900 calories on workout days, and about 2400-2500 calories on rest days.

I'm just not sure 2250ish (or 1830 cals on rest days) calories/day is enough or not. Or maybe the difference between what the ideal intake would be and I'm doing is so minimal that it wouldn't matter?

I'm 5'10", 202ish lbs, and 28% BF
Workouts include: 10 min warm up, weights (usually around 30 min or so), 15 min of cardio (frequently intervals on the treadmill or elliptical) x 4 days week. Plus 1 day of light cardio for 45 min.



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    Wait a month, then tell us how you're doing.

    How much are you looking to lose? The calories sound ok for someone your size.
  • EvanKeel
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    Looking to go down to 170, so about 30 more lbs.
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    I know what helps me is to not use my exercise calories for food. So for you, eat 1850 every day whether it's a rest day or gym day. Make sure you drink water as well. Maybe that will help.