Post you non food rewards for reaching your goal(s)

When I reach my goal weight, I plan on buying myself a tiffany bracelet

When I drop below 165, I'm going to get a spray tan

When I drop below 170, I'm going to get my nails done

What are your rewards, from biggest to smallest?


  • teresadutton
    teresadutton Posts: 232 Member
    My rewards are every week....Every week after I weight in (Tuesday) I either get a pedi or a mani or if I have dropped a size I buy 1 outfit (on clearance because I know I wont be able to wear it long :) ) It has been hard to get over rewarding myself with food but I have done it. When I get to goal I will have a "burn the fat clothes bon fire" party! And buy all new clothes :)
  • gaiareeves
    gaiareeves Posts: 292 Member
    126 - nose piercing
    119 - new clothes
    112 - tattoo!
  • starracer23
    starracer23 Posts: 1,011 Member
    I dont so much have a reward system....but i LOVE shoes and clothes.
    Since I have lost so many sizes I have to rebuild my wardrobe....I do that when there is exta money and I plan on staying around this size...4-6. So let the wild shopping rumpus begin!!! :D
  • Madelinew22
    Madelinew22 Posts: 289
    Ultimate goal reward=== boob job!!:)
    Maintain goal weight for a year== start planning the wedding!! Only 9 more months left
  • 180 clothes

    170 clothes lol

    160 visit my mom (havent seen her in forever and she wont be on my case at that point)

    150 full body picture that i can look at without crying posted to facebook
  • cramernh
    cramernh Posts: 3,335 Member
    Ultimate goal will entail getting a tattoo...
  • DietingMommy08
    DietingMommy08 Posts: 1,366 Member
    225-Other Tragus Pierced.

    205- Dermals.

    185- Half Sleeve

    165- New Hairstyle

    145-New Boobies.
  • Buettner22
    Buettner22 Posts: 130 Member
    check- 225- Oakley glasses & sunglasses
    check- 215- heart rate monitor w/ GPS
    205- New pants!
    195- Zumba Wii game
    185- New Running Shoes!
    175- Mani/Pedi
    165- Treadmill
    155- First EVER Bikini
    145!!- Birthday party at a hotel with a indoor pool so i can swim in my new bikini!
  • determined2lose89
    determined2lose89 Posts: 342 Member
    I don`t really have any rewards. I should probably set some.
  • abnerner
    abnerner Posts: 452 Member
    15 lbs lost : drastic hair color change - Hair dyed April 7
    30 lbs lost - a PINK hoodie/shirt from VS
    52 lbs lost - a tattoo on my ribs
    65 lbs lost - Pin-Up Girl Photos taken
    77 lbs lost - Skydiving
  • jehembee
    jehembee Posts: 114
    130: undetermined
    140: New tattoo
    150: new hair (colour and cut)
    160: (which I just got) pair of running shoes so I could do c25K.
  • EpiGaiaRepens
    EpiGaiaRepens Posts: 824 Member
    tattoos and photoshoots and massages!
  • under 140: new clothes
    under 135: mini vacation with the boy
    125: something from tiffany & co
  • ucsneakerz
    ucsneakerz Posts: 25 Member
    I also always think about rewards in foods I can cheat with, so this is such a great topic!

    at 10 pounds I bought myself a new bike

    when I reach...

    20 pounds lost: rather pricey heart rate monitor

    30 pounds lost: new sneakers (love shoes!) and safety lights for my bike

    40 pounds lost: bike rack and bag so i dont have to carry a backpack when I bike to work

    50 pounds lost: new cell phone (it'll make using MFP a bit easier)

    60 pounds lost: BEATS headphones

    70/80 pounds lost... going to have to start buying that new wardrobe! :) (80 is my ultimate goal)
  • Jacwhite22
    Jacwhite22 Posts: 7,012 Member
    I want a 4-Door Jeep. I will get to where I want to get to and then I will eventually buy one.
  • jennifer52484
    jennifer52484 Posts: 888 Member
    It was def clothing. What better way to feel great about your weight loss, then to look amazing in the new smaller clothing.
    I purchases 3 new Bikini's. I wore them all.
    I just reached my final goal this past Saturday, which was to compete in a figure/bodybuilding competition. The reward was the feeling I had once I got off the stage.
  • yuliyax
    yuliyax Posts: 288
    I lost 20 pounds, bought an expensive sportsbra and some clothes
    I don't set weightloss rewards really. I'd like new trainers soon, new phone in august, a gym membership in september and tattoos when I've finished losing.
  • monicamk1975
    monicamk1975 Posts: 298 Member
    I love these posts. I need to think of a reward for when I hit the 150's :) Maybe pictures done of me and the little one? Or a nice full body massage....clothes I'm getting in Aug when I head back to AZ for a nice vacation. My family and friends havent seen me in a year and a half and since I was 250+ so that will be a big reward in itself :)
  • tmtolbert
    tmtolbert Posts: 59 Member
    i don't set my goals by a number on a scale, but on completing workout programs, so my goals are:

    - Finish a walking program = spa day
    - 10 week 5K training = hair cut/color
    - 30 day shred = new clinic makeup
  • Jori7071
    Jori7071 Posts: 19 Member
    I don't really have any rewards either, I agree-I should set some. One thing I HAVE done-I started originally at 205 lbs. at a 18/20. When I got down to 12/14 I had a Victorias Secret Shopping spree-I COULD FINALLY WEAR THEIR STUFF! I have always loved their stuff (more the way it makes me feel-high maintenance).:blushing: