Hydroquinone cream for freckles/ dark spots?

BrendaLee Posts: 4,463 Member
I was wondering if anyone has used a Hydroquinone cream for removing dark spots and had good results? Also, any recommendations? Thanks. :)


  • czewwhat
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    I used this cream for 2 years. Literally no difference! It is very expensive and from my skin type did nothing. I finally had what was called Photo facial treatments. A type of Lazer Therapy. It got rid of all my skins sun damage spots, brown spots and a huge portion of freckles. I paid $800 for three treatments and on the third treatment my technician did the backs of my hands for free. tiny age spots were there to. The lazer also tightened my skin somewhat so I was extremely happy.

    I am very fair skinned. so my plastic surgeon assured me the cream would work given time. it did nothing for me. Sorry if this was not an answer you were looking for. Try the Lazer! I found mine at a skin rejuvenation center. they have the machine at plastic surgeons offices as well but the fees they charge are double or triple!

    PM me your email address and I will send before and after shots of me so you can see if you are interested!
  • ivykivy
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    I was reading it wasn't safe to use and they were considering a recall. You may want to check into it though.

    I used it for a couple of weeks and saw no different but I have a different skin type than you.:wink:
  • Nikki143
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    I just started using it for some dark spots & it seems that they got a little lighter, but not much.. its been a week so far.. I hope it works because it was expensive...
  • BrendaLee
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    My main concern is the freckles on my arms- particularly, my driver's side arm. Lasers are out of my price range, unfortunately. I love how there's a laser for just about everything though...maybe some day I'll be rich and go get everything lasered. :tongue:
  • barbaramory
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    Sometimes Hydroquinone cream is quite dangerous for your skin. Rather than using this cream you can apply natural skin brightening product. It is safe to apply. It makes your skin lighter and remove freckles or dark spots. For getting more information see natural skin brightener reviews.