white vs wheat bread??

I've been eating wheat bread but lately I've noticed that wheat has just as many calories as white bread. Now I'm wondering if I've been forcing myself to eat the wheat and I could have had white all along. Opinions please?


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    Wheat bread, if it is 100% whole wheat (read the ingredients list, the first one should be WHOLE wheat flour, not enriched flour), has many vitamins that are not found in white bread or regular 'wheat bread'. Calorie-wise they are the same, or whole wheat is a tad higher. But white bread is only the starch of the grain and is basically empty carbs.

    Multi-grain does NOT equal whole wheat. Usually the bread is labeled 100% whole wheat, and check the ingredients.

    It can be SO deceiving!
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    Most of the time, you get more proteins and more fibers, but for the same amount of calories.

    I eat whole wheat bread because I like the taste better, but for the same reason I eat white pasta. Calories are the same, and I get plenty of proteins and fibers from other sources on days I eat pasta :p

    Taste is very important in your choices, you will never stop eating like you are right now, so it has to be pleasant, or you won't make it :p
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    I eat wheat because I like the taste better and the texture. White just seems to be pasty to me.
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    Here is a very good article that talks about the difference between Simple and Complex Carbohydrates. White has simple, and wheat has complex - which are better for you:

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    You want whole grain, not just wheat bread. It has a much higher nutritional content.
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    White has simple, and wheat has complex

    Not really...

    Wholemeal bread GI =69
    White bread GI=70

    glycemic index or GI is the percentage absorption of carbs from a given food into the bloodstream compared to pure glucose = 100.

    The link says "Carbohydrates are classified as either simple or complex. The classification is based on their chemical structure. Simple carbohydrates have one sugar molecule." - so both white and brown bread are made of complex carbohydrates ie starch. Sorry.
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    thanks everyone!
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    i was told by a dietician to eat bread with seeds in it as this is low GI and has more protein. I find it sometimes has more calories in it but I think on the whole its better for you as it stays in your stomach longer than either wholewheat or white bread