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My motivation needs to be something that will not only help me get the weight off, but to keep it off!!

A picture was taken almost a year ago w/ my oldest nephew ( a junior in high school). Wow! I did NOT like the looks, but it's a great memory. So I'm using that as my motivation. I will have this weight off in one year so that when he gradutes from high school, I will be able to stand by his side and have a NEW HEALTHY me to have an even better memory.

And to keep the weight off, my other nephew and my niece graduate two years and four years from now. I have my "fat" picture with the second nephew, now too. I'll have to take a picture with my niece soon. Then I will have my "before" and "afters."

That is my motivation!!!

As far as setting some goals. I told my husband that when I fit into my wedding dress (non-traditional off-white) then he has to take me out on our anniversary (if not this year then next) to a nice restaurant so I can wear it! It might have to be taken in! :D And then the other goal we made together is when I hit goal, he can take me shopping to buy me one outfit of HIS choosing. LOL He says I dress too old ladyish!

What fun to look forward too. MOTIVATIONAL!! I just need dates to set to the two goals!

What are some of yours!!??!?


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    I too need goals to keep me motivated. My son is 18 in July next year and wants a party. I would love to be the' belle of the ball' in an outfit of my choice from a shop of my choice, making my son very proud of his slim mum!!

    My sister in law started my road to a new me by losing 49lbs since Sept last year - she looks fantastic and so young and healthy! I too want to be that younger looking, healthier lady!

    We have not been on holiday abroad for the past few years and have just spent time in the UK. My partner wants to book a holiday for 2014 somewhere hot and sunny and I would love to fit easily into the aeroplane seats, be happy to be seen in swimwear and be proud to show off my tanned body on return.

    Lets keep those fingers crossed!!!!
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    My biggest goal is hitting GW by April of next year (my 30th birthday). I know I will look better in my 30's than I did in my 20's. Also, I'm thinking of doing a half marathon in January, and I really want to just be able to finish it without dying LOL. Good luck'll get there!!