I dont have family support

I have been on and off alot with weight loss, mostly because its so difficult with my family. Whenever i go on a lifestyle change, they dont take into case with what im doing. They will make super unhealthy dinners, and buy ice cream, and cake, and lemonade, and brownies. What the heck. Ive tried explaining over and over my goals, and they dont understand. What do i do?!


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    dont tell them, just show them and we can be your support if you want
  • family can be the worst critics , and hurt you the most. you have us, that is gotta count for something ..lol
  • mrs_deg1983
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    Don't eat what they eat. Buy and cook your own meals.
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    You need to find it within yourself to resist eating all those unhealthy things. Will power is one of the most important tools in weight loss. I know its hard, but you have to stay strong. And I agree with the other post. Maybe you shouldn't even tell them.
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    If you are not the one buying and cooking, then you need to figure out how to work the food available into your calories. Your profile says you're 18 so if you are still in your parents house ask them to please buy you frozen vegetables and a bag of frozen b/s chicken. You can add the veggies as a side to anything they fix for dinner and the chicken for lunch or nights when dinner won't fit in. Learn what serving sizes are and use them to your advantage. Make what you have available work for you.
  • Do you rely on your family for food? If you do, then you may have to figure out a way to either earn money to purchase healthy foods or to convince your family to buy healthy foods for you. Along with wise food purchases comes learning how to cook. You can also help out and cook for the family, and they may appreciate your efforts. Once you get in the routine of cooking (keep it simple), you'll be eating healthy in no time! Most of us here on MFP will support you. Don't forget that!
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    You can't change them. You can only change you. It isn't always easy, but you have to be strong, and make some changes. If your family refuses to make changes, and eat healthy meals, you have to go out of your way to buy healthy food, make healthy meals (even if it means making two meals), and resist temptation. I know you have it in you!!!!! I have friends who climb mountains for fun (I am going to join them soon!!). They tell me time and time again that the hardest battle in a monster climb is not physical - it's MENTAL. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! YOU have to DECIDE that you are going to do this, and then stick to it with everything that you have!!! Will you have challenging days - yes. Will you falter - probably (we are all human after all). Will it change your life in a multitude of glorious ways - YES YES YES!!!!!

    Surround yourself with people who are making healthy choices - join a class at the gym, join a group or create a group of people who love to go on fitness adventures!! Find people on MFP who will support you, and encourage you!!!!!! Find a friend in your community to be accountable to. You don't have to feel powerless!!! YOU ARE A POWERFUL PERSON!!! Your family may not embrace your lifestyle change right now, but as they see the positive changes you are making in your life, I pray that they are impacted, and motivated to live healthy for life. You can do it!!! Be the change you wish to see in your world, in your community, in your family.
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    I know how you feel, I removed myself from the situation so now its just me and my partner. No negative influences
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    I don't tell anyone in real life
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    My family continues to eat unhealthy food, and most of the groceries bought are unhealthy. I just bought and made my own meals, and now I am down to 87kg from 110kg. It is possible to do it without support, you just need to self motivate. I used a blog that no one really read but me to help.

    If you need support you have these forums and many other places online too.
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    Excellent advise! :smile: :smile:
  • Don't allow anyone to dictate your life. Take matters into your own hands. You can verbally let them know what you want/ need vs what you shouldn't have but in the end you have to be responsible for your own. Make an example. They may or may not adjust but in the end you have to look out for yourself.

    Shame on whoever that would put another person in an unhealthy situation but it's all about lifestyle changes. Not there's but yours. GL
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    you need to take control and do your own meals. Maybe your mum could give you a spending allowance for food if you are not working yet and you do your own grocerie shop;#
    if not maybe you could go away to a bootcamp a few times a year and get out of the environment completely.
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    The last time I lost weight I lived alone. It was so much easier to just avoid the foods in the store than in the store and at home.

    Now I live with my daughter, SIL and grandson. I do the cooking and grocery shopping BUT I don't dictate what the menu is. I try to do meals as close to healthy as possible and when it isn't - like the BLTs on Friday, I cook something else for me.

    Remember you have to go out in the real world eventually and will be tempted by food. I believe it will be easier to keep it off this time because I am not in a sterile food environment. I'm learning how to do what's best for me and when to pick my battles and when to eat with them. Today I had the calories and a slice of pizza for dinner. Not the healthiest but portion control.

    Hope this helps a bit. Glad to see you wanting to change your life at 18 and not waiting like me. Believe it when you hear it is easier when you are younger. I'm 62 and it is far harder than even 8 years ago. {{{HUGS}}}
  • I am sorry that you are in this predicament BUT........ YOU CAN DO THIS! Do not let anyone make choices for you. It sounds like you have made the most important decisions already and that is to make a change! Only YOU have control over the decisions you make. Key things to remember - if it comes from a box, it's probably not that good for you. Eat lots of fruits, vegetable and lean protein (chicken, fish, etc) and no more than 5 servings of carbs/grains per day (75 grams). Exercise as much as possible - walk, run, ride your bike. Small changes make a BIG difference. I have sent you friend request and will support you 100% You go girl!!!