Hi All!

Ok, I am sure someone has posted on this before, but I found this article which I thought was quite interesting regarding the theory of zero calorie or negative calorie foods. Apparently, certain foods have a few calories in, but your body uses more digesting them... making them negative cal or zero cal. Here is the article:

I would love to know peoples thoughts on this theory, or if anyone counted like this?? I personally wouldn't, but just wondered if there was anyone who did!


  • BrianSharpe
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    Sorry, a load of twaddle.

    As soon as I see Grapefruit Diet & Cabbage Soup diet I know it's about as unscientific as is humanly possible.

    Sorry, no such thing as "negative calorie" foods, the notion that it takes more than 100 cal to consume and digest an apple is simply ludicrous.
  • cheesy_blasters
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    oy vey.
  • Awkward30
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    Yeah, I mean, I believe some, like I'm sure celery is pretty damn negligible... but I'm with the above guy about there being no way an apple takes that many calories to digest. And in any case, I think it is about finding the foods that make you feel best. I love having a relatively large veg snack in the afternoon because it really fills me up for low calories. I log it, but it doesn't take much out of my total :)
  • Absidey
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    I don't see why it'd be a bad idea to incorporate more of any of the items on that list, but I wouldn't count them as zero or calories "burned." Can't say I have ever felt hungrier an hour after eating an apple.