Butt Bible Workout

I just started this workout a week ago and already am seeing some results. Is there anyone else out there doing this? If not, Come on and join me!!


  • HMM always looking for new workouts that work, is it just lower body? does it invole any ab wok?
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    bump bump!

    one bump for each butt cheek :laugh:
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    I totally plan on doing it after I finish my JM workout!
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    I tried that video about 6 months ago and really enjoyed it!!! It was on Time Warner Cable free on demand and then they got rid of it so I had to stop doing it....but, I'm defiantly going to try it on Youtube now that you reminded me....keep up the great worK!
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    @pk..it is Upper and Lower Body Workouts. It is a 6 week program and you have 3 levels. Here is a schedule:

    Day One: Level One Lower Body Workout, 20 minutes
    Day Two: Level One Upper Body Workout, 20 minutes
    Day Three: Rest or cardio workout of your choice
    Day Four: Level One Lower Body Workout, 20 minutes
    Day Five: Level One Upper Body Workout 20 minutes
    Day Six: Rest or cardio workout
    Day Seven: Off

    You do this for 2 weeks and then move on to the Level 2..and so on and so forth.

    Here is more about it. FYI, The workout is on Youtube.

  • sounds doable, I just ordered it off amazon. I cant wait to try it!!
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    I own this and it's fun. It really works.

    I had to stop because of some unrelated hip pain. I need to try it again.
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    I myself am loving it thusfar.
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    ok so you inspired me to start it ---I did Level 1 lower body today and it was pretty rockin--I really need to get a HRM so I can figure out my calorie burn---I loved the "pigeon stretch" at the end and I HATE lunges...one of my fitness goals besides losing a ton of weight is to be able to do real lunges one day
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    sounds like something I wanna add to my "to do" list!
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    Pauline Nordin is very motivating. She's funny, too. It makes working out entertaining. I'm on level 2 lower body.
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    @j2tyco YAY!!!! So happy to hear I motivated you to start it. :) I myself hate lunges..I'm hoping with time they become a lot easier.

    @mowree She is very funny and motivational. I love when she said " If you do the Butt Bible I promise you wont have any cottage cheese...the only kind you will have is in the refrigerator" HAHA, Some people find her annoying..but I think she is just what I need to get through. I'm really enjoying it. I start level 2 next week.
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    I ordered the butt bible as well... will have it by the 18th! can't wait to start, I've only heard great things about it.....and yet another great thing that you seen results within the first week. i'm excitied:) Good Luck, and keep up the hard work!!!
  • We need to start a team!!
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    Yeah, I joined that group this week and noticed that it hasn't really had recent activity. That is when I made this post trying to bring it back to attention. :)
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