Designer JUNK!

I just made the HUGE mistake of going through a few drawers of clothes to try things on, see how they fit, see what's worth keeping and whats worth donating/trashing. I made 3 piles: clothes that still look good, clothes that are trash and clothes that are donate-able.

I have no problem donating my semi-nice clothes, BUT I am literally sick to my stomach at the thought of getting rid of some of my designer clothes. I seriously just folded them back up and put them back in another drawer. It's not like I can have them taken in, I mean we are talking sweaters, t-shirts, sleeping clothes.

I feel like I SHOULD donate them so I won't have the option of gaining weight again, BUT again I'm literally sickened at the thought!

Do you guys think that it would it be ok just to keep a few things or do you think that might make it easier to gain any weight back?


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    If they are good designer name brands you may have a consignment store in your area who will pay you for them. Not a lot but better than nothing. And my experience with ebay is you get very little for even designer name clothes if they are more than slightly used.
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    Well, I don't know what it's like in the US but my mother sells used designer clothes she picks up at car boot sales for 50p - £1 and usually makes £10-15 per thing.
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    Let them go...sell do not need them any longer.

    I recently regained some weight, and when I got to the point where I was going to need to buy larger clothes, I kicked myself in gear and started ccing and losing weight again.
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    If there's a really big difference in size I'd probably hold on to one item as a reminder of your success but the rest I'd donate to a thrift shop. (Another reason I never buy anything that's not on sale.....)