Are you a bigger or smaller size in dresses vs. pants

I was wondering if this is normal, or this is becasue I'm pear shaped. I wear a size 8/9 comfortably in dresses, but when it comes to shorts/pants I need a size 11! IT's so strange.

My mom looks at the dresses I have when she comes over and says "Oh honey THATS not going to fit you" >.> I had to try them on for her to shut up about it!

Is this normal for you gals?


  • rossi02
    rossi02 Posts: 549 Member
    Depends on the cut of the dress. If it's fitted more around the bust and flows out from there, I can see why the smaller size would be needed. If the dress is fitted in the waist, hips area, may need to go with the pants size.
  • TheBraveryLover
    TheBraveryLover Posts: 1,217 Member
    Smaller size in dresses, and I only wear dresses anyway (besides my workout or night clothes).
  • mtaylor33557
    mtaylor33557 Posts: 542 Member
    Mine is about the same. 10/12

    If the dress is sized s/m/l, then I'll wear a M, just like I would a top.
  • ItsCasey
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    I'm a size 2/4 in dresses. 4 in skirts. 4/6 in pants.

    Dresses are usually either made out of stretchy material, or they're flowy enough around the hips that you can wear a smaller size in the dress than you would in pants. If it's a sheath dress or otherwise straight through the hips/thighs, you might consider buying your pants size. It will probably be more comfortable when you sit down.
  • Sapporo
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    My dress size is smaller as well. My 16 yr old daughter is bigger for dress size, she is the only person I know like that.