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    Hi Robby, and welcome to THE best site on the web! :flowerforyou:
    Between the easy to use food counter (which by the way is SUCH an eye opener!) and all the wonderfully supportive members, you WILL be able to lose the weight that you want to, AND, it'll "almost" be easy doing it! :wink:
    I recommend logging ALL your foods BEFORE you have them, rather than later, as it tends to lead to better food choices. (not to mention you'll know if you've got enough numbers left to have a night time snack, like I ALWAYS try to do!) Some people also like to weigh and measure some things, such as meats, rather than just estimating and possibly being WAY off! :noway:
    Don't go making the mistake that if you have LOTS of numbers left at the end of the day that you'll lose even faster, because that DOESN'T happen. Feel free to read any info about the site in the "help" section at the top of the home page. And also, under "all topics", then "general", and check out the first few threads. They'll really help you understand how MFP works. :smile:
    Before coming here, I had tried just about EVERYTHING out there, including hypnosis, TWICE, and nothing really worked until MFP! :love:
    Also, drink LOTS of water, it REALLY DOES help! :drinker:
    As for exercise, it doesn't always have to be awful. For my exercise, I walk almost every day, (weather permitting!) I also dance to a fast oldies CD that my husband made up of all my favorite old songs. (Like "Love Shack", Wild, Wild West", "Mony, Mony", "Footloose", and "Gloria")
    It's free, (unlike a gym!) fun, and I can even watch tv at the same time, so I never get bored! :happy:
    I also recently aquired the Wii Fit, and jog to that, which is a lot of fun, and easy too! :smile:
    So, to make a LONG story short, make good food choices, eat in moderation, get some exercise, and you WILL lose the weight that you want to! :smile:
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    Hello and Welcome fellow Ohio person! :bigsmile: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
    MFP is the greatest diet aid tool I have ever found. :heart: If I had to write all this stuff down....well..you know- I haven't got the time, much less remember. :noway: Keep yourself accountable. Look up calories in foods your not sure about. Processed sugars and HFCS high fructose syrup are bad! :explode: Stay away from fast foods unless you know how many calories and what kind are in them. This is really about changing your life and way you eat forever. Grabbing food for comfort or boredom is no longer an option! :noway: :noway: You must be aware of what, when and where you are eating. :bigsmile: :huh: :bigsmile:
    Been there and done it for 25 years of gaining weight! :frown:
    So get started! Get psyhced! Get pumped! Grab your water bottles for plenty of filling/flushing H2O!
    We can do it!!
    :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
  • Hello! I am totaly new to all this. I joined 8/5/2009. I have no idea how to get friends on here. So, here is a smile for you and to your success! :smile:
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    Hello and welcome to MFP, the greatest site ever. You will love this site if you don't already. I love it here. This site is so easy to use, supportive, motivational, and everyone is so nice and friendly. I just wanted to wish you a lot of success on your weight loss journey. You can do this!!!!! :smile: :flowerforyou: :smile: :flowerforyou: