Poll: Low Carb and Libido



  • carrieann8
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    I'm so glad I found this old thread. I was wondering what the world was going on. I'm on Day 23 of my Whole 30 and my libido is through the roof. Thank goodness my hubby started with me so his is too!!! We have been at it like newlyweds the last 2 weeks!!! I don't care if I don't lose a bunch of weight. This is worth it!
  • TwizzleBit
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    Agreed! I thought it was the PCOS messing with my hormones again.I haven't been this interested in ...stuff...for a while. I practically crawl the walls like a cat in heat. Me-ow!
  • I'm 20 lbs into my goal after 34 days. I'm doing a loose version of Paleo - which is nothing processed, all the complex carbs I want and an utter disregard for counting fat calories. Bacon? Sure.

    I have zero carb cravings, and oddly I'm waking up on a pogo stick every morning, just like high school days. There were times in my youth I wished for the days when I could get some relief from highly frequent erections. That happened after I hit my early 50's, but the problem is back.

    I suspect my blood pressure is lower now as it has been when I've done low-carb before, and I'm getting a Viagra effect. But, probably the biggest difference is that I'm slightly more interested in getting to my goal weight now and less focused on doing two a days. What is the exact reason is a mystery to me, but my wife happily doesn't care why, but enjoys the what.
  • VaxSA
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    Majjjjjoooooorrrrrrrr Increase. My poor husband is exhausted. I think I might have worn it out *poke poke*.
  • mnowottny
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    I can't BELIEVE my libido on this diet. I can't wait for my boyfriend to come home.