what do you eat the night before a long run?

needing some healthier options.


  • IveLanded
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    My diet is protein heavy, but I do long runs on Sundays, so on Saturdays I up my carbs and focus on my meals (especially lunch and dinner) being about half carbs & half protein. I'll have, say, a turkey sandwhich for lunch and a big chicken salad for dinner and make sure my snacks are things like protein shakes or bars. I also have found that if I get up a little extra early and have a bowl of cereal or oatmeal, I do a lot better on the long runs. I'm at about 6 miles now, which I think is my limit at the time for how long I can go without something like an energy gel.
  • pittsblue99
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    I personally do not eat any different before a long run vs a short run. I don't use gels or GU either during my runs either. If you are looking for suggestions, I'd say go for something with more protein in it. Fiber is good too but not if your body is not used to it (or you may find yourself running for a bathroom instead of running for fun lol)
  • christyprunner
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    thanks! For my last two marathons, I ate Chick Fil A combo #1 EVERY Friday night before a long run. Got me through it fine but I DON"T want to do that again...wanting something healthier. :) I appreciate your feedback and will definitely keep the suggestions in mind!
    has anyone eaten sweet potatoes, brown rice for carbs? or even starchy veggies and ran well the next day?
  • josiereside
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    I have a favorite dish for the night before a run, linguini and clam sauce. I am more concerned about my morning meal before the run, and I eat quinoa. I have several things I add in. I always add in cinnamon and canned pumpkin. Sometimes to that I will add dried cranberries. I also use half almond milk, half regular milk. Other times I will add in blueberries and strawberries... basically any fruit I have around. It is great protein and great energy!
    I have to fess up for my lung runs I eat swedish fish. more econimical than the gu's or sports beans!
  • bert16
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    For typical training long runs, I don't modify my diet... I just stick to my macros (~40% carbs, 25% protein, and 35% fat) and calorie goals. I might throw in some extra carbs the night before a longer training run (say, 18-20 miles) - for me, that'd be upping the brown rice or eating some pasta... maybe a sweet potato. When it's marathon time, I up the brown rice, pasta, and sweet potato type intake for ~3-4 days prior. But no real special meals or anything... I'm usually traveling for the races, so pasta is usually pretty easy to come by, but it doesn't have to be pasta.
  • rybo
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    Mostly something very similar to what I always eat, just more of it. This past training cycle was a simple pasta with sauce & cheese. Sometimes I'd chop up pepperoni or add chicken.

    I have also eaten brown rice, quinoa or regular potatoes before too.
  • arc918
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    Pretty much the same old stuff as always. My biggest concern is not having an upset stomach, so I make sure not to have too much fiber. I'm always careful the night before a race.