Jillians body revolution system

I don't post or even look at the message boards often so maybe this has been posted a million other times.

Has anyone bought this program? What are your thoughts?

I love Jillian and her workouts so I would think this would be awesome and it's only 30 minutes a day which would be awesome for me.

Just wondering if those who have it think it's worth the $$$

Thanks for the input! Have an amazing weekend!


  • Kara52217
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  • pashalia
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    Amazing program!!! I think one of her best!!!

    U ll find a lot of info in the group

  • Molly182
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    I bought it. I've only had it for a week. I know there are other posts abou the workout on here already. You can use the search button to find them.

    The first set of dvd's is a little too easy for me, but I like the idea behind them. She's setting you up for what's to come. You're working on your foundation. You do the basics of a move and do the form correctly, so that in later workouts you're prepared to add on to basic moves as they become more complex.
  • rustiemae
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    Hello! I am a huge Jillian fan and have the Body Revolution. I love it. I started it about a month ago and restarted it this morning. I had some personal issues and stopped. It's a great program. I have all of her DVD's and I think this is one of the best. The cardio workout is a killer but it keeps my heart rate up the entire 30 minutes.

    It is expensive. The meal plan is her selling point along with the 15 DVD's you get. I think it's worth it. I cannot stick to her meal plan, I am just trying to keep my calories in check. I eat certain foods that I like and my family eats too.

    If you are committed to eating well and working out for 12 weeks, I think it's a great buy. The program keeps your body guessing and will take the weight off quickly. I have about 20 lbs to lose and hoping this will do the trick.

    I hope this helps... wish I had more experience or actually results to share with you. Soon I will know more :)
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    Thanks Rustiemae That helped out alot.

    I think the thing that attracts me most to this is the fact it is only 30 Minutes a day. I have to workout in the am or I don't workout at all and I HATE getting up early so i could handle this more than lets say P90X (which I own) Because of my time crunch in the am.