issue with SHORTS

I have no idea where to post this, so I will post it here and HOPE we have answers!

Does anyone else have issues with shorts when they are walking?
When they ride up in the inner leg to the crotch and you have to keep yanking them back down...

I just went on a walk tonight and I had to keep yanking them down and yanking them down. I tried rolling them up and it just made things worse! It is a Frontal Short's Leg Wedgie! I am thinking it is because my thighs are large and still rub together, but I wish it would stop the bunching.


  • BeyondThePixels
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    Same here, it's so hot, I'd like to be able to run in shorts without this problem!
  • buckeye86
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    I refused to wear shorts since I was a kid because of that. When I started working out, my thighs hated me. I can wear them now, but I still actually prefer workout capris. I found some great ones at target and the fabric is smooth so any thigh rubbing isn't noticable. The other option is to just buy shorter shorts if you're comfy with that and they have nowhere to ride up. (If it's just a matter of not wanting people to notice them ride up, they make cute walking skorts now)
  • lilorphann
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    I've had similar issues and find bike shorts work well, like a spandex type bike short.
  • LadyGhostDuchess
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    It is not just working out. it is Shorts in general, like jean shorts, khaki shorts...SLEEP shorts! lol
  • fonitoni
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    just don't wear them. Go with capris or running shirts- most have built in tight shorts
  • RedefiningMe
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    This was me everytime I moved today!!! So annoying :grumble:

    At least I have a skort on with both front and back skirt sections, so no one knew...except when I was yanking the short part down!!

    Just started wearing shorts again after a NO SHORTS spell of at least a couple of years. Still feel I am a bit big for shorts, but I refuse to swelter in capris or long pants during my upcoming vacation to Disney World . Coming for northern CA, I am not use to the FL humidity and heat, so getting use to and somewhat comfortale in shorts again is a necessity for this trip.

    Will be watching the thread to see if I get any good ideas that I am willing to implement. The bike short and spandex ideas were great, but not for my large legs...I think they would look like overstuffed sausages!

    Good luck with this issue and on your journey!!

  • LadyGhostDuchess
    LadyGhostDuchess Posts: 894 Member
    Just started wearing shorts again after a NO SHORTS spell of at least a couple of years.

    I am the same way!
    I use to get made fun of when I wore shorts, but I now love wearing them I just hate the bunch lol
  • baycat107
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    I had the same problem, so i used to and still do wear the spandex stretchy shorts. They are so comfy to work out in. Somewhere along my 50 pound weight loss it has stopped happening, and I'm sure it had to do with my fat thighs. They are still rather thick, but at least shorts don't creep up amy more.
  • lyttlewon
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    One word for you: Bermudas
  • Windy32
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    Yes I have that same problem. I tend to wear capris instead or burmuda shorts.
  • ReinasWrath
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    I don't have a solution since I refuse to wear shorts until my legs no longer have their own gravitational pull :grumble:
  • deborahjr
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    it happens to me too, but doesn't bother me so much, but i have this one pair of shorts with this band of stretchy material at the bottom of each leg, almost like a waistband, which stops them riding up.... they are great if you can find a pair like that for hiking and stuff
  • claire_90
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    put stuff in the pockets! haha sounds stupid but if you weigh them down a bit it does actually help :)
  • This happens to me every time :(