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  • Morning Team

    Healthymom - hope you are okay now. You didn't hurt yourself seriously with that fall did you???

    Lorann - glad you had a great time with your daughters. Sometimes we have to set aside our calorie counting and just enjoy life or we will give up as we aren't having fun in life. What is important is that it is in the back of your mind and you are ready to get back on track the next day.

    Lulu and Losingweight - thank you for your concern and kind words. In fact thank you to all that have expressed their concerns and for their kind words. This isn't any fun but had a catscan test done a while back in those test found cyst on both ovaries, then they did an ultrasound after that to see how large they were and they were gone. I am thinking they are back and I have been reading up on them and they can come and go with your cycle so pretty sure that is what is going on. Figures doesn't it...just when you really decide to put the push on to get healthy something gets in the way. I will be okay. Just need the doctor to listen to me and forward me onto a specialist...once that is done I am hoping a small surgery involved just to get rid of them completely and then I will be able to get on with my life. Crazy isn't it to be hoping for surgery...but these things usually consume up about a week to two weeks of my life prior to TOM. Cause me a lot of pain as well, not just tossing my cookies...wake me up everyday with pain in my side, back and down my leg. But I get up and push through it and go for my walks and everything as I really don't have much choice. Well enough about I don't want to bore you all.

    So take care all....let you know later today what doctor says...see if he confirms my suspicions or not.

  • LWFM-great job on the water and exercise too!  lol at just 50 minutes.  Your starting to sound crazy like me=)  

    magnes- welcome to the group!

    lulu-yeah on the food and exercise!  that water can be difficult.  Its awesome to hear your loving your new job.

    Lorann-its a life style and a life style includes a little splurge here and there.  In fact my dietician recommends 1 off day a week.

    HM-cracking up at your farming comment.  good to see you back.  so sorry about your fall.  I know about moderation.  I'm trying to post on breaks from my blackberry and log food as I go along so as not to take away from the family.  I also get up at an insane time to exercise so the evenings are with the family.  The sacrifices we make=)

    button- a friend of mine had been on the pill for years to help with the cysts.  I wonder if that would help.  sorry to hear about it.  I've seen many woman go through it and it sucks.  sorry you have to be one of them.  I have a cyst on my kidney but I don't have any issues with it they just watch it with an ultrasound every 6 months.  so my heart goes out to you.

    Went to the fair last night after work for a concert.  Didn't eat your typical fair food but was fed a nice dinner.  Why is it when something is free I lose my brain and forget that I'm watching what I eat.  I ate well except the desert.  I honestly ate before thinking.  duh.  This is not my off day.  drat.  maybe now it will have to be.  Much too tired to get up and ride my bike to work today.  I did get in 2- 10 minute trainer sessions (total body workout) and intend to either run or swim tonight.  We'll see my back is hurting today.  Today I will eat consciously and hydrate properly for me.
  • Prayerful Mom - I have heard of using the pill for cyst...but I am 50 years old in two weeks...and haven't used them since I was 25...and would much prefer not to. I am not a big fan of using meds, let alone the pill ...would rather find some natural herb to assist with them if need be. I know it sounds terrible but sometimes the meds they put you on are worse than the actual problem and can cause worse problems down the road...and only complicate matters even more. So I really hesitate before entering into the world of doctor's and their meds...they are too pill push happy for me. I mean if it is something like an antibiotic for an infection fine...but the pill - One of the reason I had a a tubal ligation at 26 when done having my kids was to get off that pill in the first place. Not really in the mood to return to it. But will see what he has to say today.

    My daughter has a cyst on her kidney too...and like you it really doesn't cause her any problems.

    Will keep you posted later today as to what he says. He is a pretty good doctor, but I sure hope he doesn't go to the pill discussion with he won't like what I have to say. LOL

  • Lorann
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    Good morning everyone :flowerforyou:

    Was up extra early this morning so I thought I would walk a bit longer than usual ... ended up walking for 50 minutes... so by the time I was done and had my shower there was no extra time left :laugh: So I didn't have time to post anything before I left for work this morning so I thought I would sneak in here now to post real quick :smile:

    prayer - yeah I know ... I usually keep that day for Friday night with my hubby, we usually go out for dinner just the two of us... I'll be out of town this Friday so I won't be going out with him :laugh: (but now I have to try and find healthy choices while out of town)

    Button - I hope everything works out ok for ya ... keep us posted

    Healthymom - good to see you back :flowerforyou:

    Ok gotta get back to work ... have a great day all! :flowerforyou:
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    welcome magnes! u r officially on THE Team! Please post a little about yourself, your goals, etc.

    Well I finally got to sleep last night - about 1 am! What's up with that??? I think it was stress, this time, since I shyed away from caffeine yesterday. It was so funny last night, after dinner I told my hubby "I'm off duty" and went up to our room and read. My clingy son wanted to come upstairs and I could hear hubby tell him, "Better not, Mommy's cranky!" LOL (So of course I went down and got him for a snuggle.)

    Am still not getting my water in. It's like a brain block or something. Hubby brought home one of those cool "new" silvery water holders, the kind that's supposed to be ok for you. Dont' remember what they're called. Anyway I thought, great! It holds one glass, fits in cup holders, etc, so I can carry it with me everywhere. But did I actually use it yesterday? No. I feel all discombobulated, like I've lost my footing on all of this and am struggling to retain my balance. Yesterday I went over on cals for junk but I was so tried and cranky I didn't care - plus it wasn't that bad, in the grand scheme of things. What really screwed me up was breakfast - I thought Grape Nuts, those should be good for you - thought a serving size was 1 cup, it's not, it's 1/2 cup, so I ended up eating 4 servings instead of 2 for a total of 800 cals! How could I not go over yesterday with that starting out the day? So I really dont' feel too bad about going over, a candy bar (single serving size) ain't that big of a deal, since the real "going over" was due to breakfast.

    i don't know why, but it just feels like once school starts, and I can get back into a routine, that I'll do so much better. But why can't I get into a routine now? I wonder if it's because I don't "have" to and I'm just being lazy, or maybe it's just a stressful summer and I'm not as motivated as I was... dunno. So Sept 8 and I will kick my own butt back to the gym (ya'll can help, LOL). That's when school starts "full-time", and I don't know the half-days and all that the week before to plan yet. So that's my goal - Sept 8 - back into it fulll-time and full-swing.

    I did notice one thing yesterday, when I went for the candy bar, it was to get the quick sugar fix, not to emotionally soothe myself. So - progress! Food is becoming less and less of a comfort and I'm craving fresh vegetables more and more... can't wait till payday so I can hit the farmers market!
  • Well here is the scoop...He wasn't very helpful in the sense of confirming my suspicions..but he is running me through a lot of test. Blood work, Hip X-ray, Abdominal Ultrasound, Pelvic Ultrasound and I have to go and see him next week again. So that is a start...but not going to let him drag this on for too long....He never really nayed or yayed what I think it is...but did say it could be. Was a bit concerned about the cookie tossing as he said that usually doesn't happen...but he said it could be a hormonal thing, but unusual if it is. But that is me...unusual. LOL So that is about all that really happened.
    Bloodwork - Done
    Xray - Done
    All that is left is the two ultrasounds which I have to wait to get booked.

    Well that's it for now....

  • Not a good day here gang - sinuses acting up badly and body totally wiped out for some reason. no exercise, tossed and turned all day in bes with water bottle in my hand. So it looks like that run/walk that my buddy said he would take me on Thursday is gonna help me make up my slacking.

    Buttonnose - hang in there you will get through this. will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Adopt4 - you will get back into this when school gets into full swing. I too go bad in summer and still not fully back into the total program. I am working on exercising and water for a couple weeks and being careful with food but not totally strict there yet. Good luck girl. keep plugging we will get there.

    Lorann - Like the new picture. You look great girl. You are also doing better with my goals for the week than I am. Congratulations - keep up the good work.

    Healthymom - glad to see you are back. I hope you are okay after your fall.

    Prayerfulmom - I really need to pick the exercise up a little each day. I notice if someone makes me upset - I wanna go run. My boss upset me horribly the other night and I was actually running. Had to finish the run at lunch though in the parking lot.

    well girls time is out for me gotta roll. hoping to morrow is a better day for me in my lifestyle change journey.
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    Hello, friends. I am happy to report that I drank all my water today, first time in forever!

    But I'm wiped out too, maybe from not sleeping a night, or just stress, dunno, but took a nap this afternoon. Feeling out of it still. But at least I drank my water - one goal met today!

    We're trying to buy the house we live in, and our credit always sucks. We get it good, something catastrophic medically happens, and we're back down again. Actually right now as far as what we have in collections or past due is not that bad as far as amount (compared to what it was before) but it's enough to prevent us from getting this house. Dangit! We're so close! Need to raise his score by 61 points to qualify.... that's not so easy to do, will talk to the inhouse credit repair people tomorrow to see if there's anything to do. An old error came back too, a tax lien on me from CA on land that I've never owned (never owned anything anywhere ever) and it was gone for awhile but now it's back. So that's easy to take off, but everything else? well, it's probably true. You know we're really not such losers that we don't pay our bills... we just always have a lot of medical bills we can't keep up with, and they don't work with you (in my experience) and take what you can pay, they always want more than you can actually give.
  • Hey gang. Took me forever to find the thread. I'm still here. I'm not really posting alot, or farming lol. I've just had a lot going on lol. I've been working more. I'm still watching my food. I'm back on the pop wheel... but I don't drink nearly as much as I used too... I don't over do it like I use too. I'm watching what eat, my calories, and how often I eat. I've eaten out a few time with Jason being home off the road and it's amazing how fast I feel full now and looking at how much I ate. I use to be able to eat three cheese coneys and an order of chili chesse fries from skyline... now I'm lucky if I get through one and a half of two cheese coneys. I just don't need that much food anymore... I feel sick when I eat like I use to. I'm eating alot of lean cuisine meals. They are really helping. I'm snacking on things like cheese and other small things when I need to. Not really working out a whole lot because of all the walking and lifting that I do at work. I'm way too tired when I work out when I work alot. But I did weigh myself today and I was pleased but I'm not counting it until Friday. It doesn't matter what it says until Friday comes along. But I am pleased if it stays the same. That's about it. Been a long day...
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    the thread is hard to find this week. I had to go back to the last week and click on this week. Then I rememebered that prayfulmom sent me a note trying to get me to come back and post and left the thread in the note o I go back to that to get here. Not sure why it i hard to find this week.

    I'm not doing bad but I'm not doing good. Not sure if there will be a weight loss this week.
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    hurray pawprint! and bee, there's nothing wrong with "maintaining" either.
  • Hey Gang...morning to you all.
    Another Tim Horton's coffee down and now I need to go make a pot of my own now. LOL When my hubby works nights he always brings me a coffee in the morning. Should I be wondering if he wants me to get out of bed so he can have the whole thing to himself or you think he is just being nice. LOL. Just joking - I know it is the latter trust me.

    Anyways, Crazy and pawprint I too am having the same problem as you guys. Can never find the link. Have to go back like a week or more just to get to this point. Wierd...but glad to here it isn't only me.

    Well really going to try and get on track today. Really been off this week, but other things going on and just haven't been in the mood for pushing myself.

    Speaking of Bee's....where is CindeeBee again...noticed she hasn't posted in the past couple of days.

    That is about it for me...

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    Good morning everyone :flowerforyou:

    I know this is early but I am going to have to do my weigh in today ... I'm heading out of town today and won't be back until Sunday.. hopefully someone can post mine to the new thread tomorrow :smile:

    WOOHOOO the first 50lbs are gone and never to be seen again :drinker:

    SW 285 / GW 145 / CW 235 = a loss of 1 lb

    Now I just need to try and maintain while I'm out of town :laugh: going to bring some healthy snacks with me so that should help.

    I celebrated this success by getting my hair cut... it's soooo short now ... cut about 6 inches off it :laugh: and do you know what my hubby said? When he came home and saw it he just stared and then said "You look so young" :laugh:

    Well I better go get ready for work... probably won't post again til Sunday so you all have a great weekend!! :flowerforyou:

  • I guess the good news is their is a new thread tomorrow=)-

    Not feeling well again. Trying to remember that logging my crazy exercise routine isn't as important as listening to my body. Thus, trying not to beat myself up for not doing my cardio the last 2 days. Did to my strength and flexibility stuff. That allowed me some extra rest. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back into the swing of things. I have lab work no Monday so going to try and not stress trying to figure it all out right now.

    WAY TO GO LORANN!!!!!!! Congrats on your 50lb achievement!
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    prayerful: will be praying for you. Hoping you feel better real soon. You did a good job starting the thread this past week, there must have been a little computer glitch but we all made it and kept coming back.

    Manges welcome!! This is a great bunch of gals. Half of us are hooked on facebook's farmtown but we manage to make it here to post. JUst a little about me I am almot 51 yrs old..will be in 12 days. Headed to Vegas in 3 weeks to celebrate. I have 4 kids 3 are grown and my baby is a senior this year. ANd I have 1 grand daughter. I am single and a pharmacy tech. My s's don't always work on my computer so sometimes you have to really pay attention to my post to undertand them LOL. So alot of times I say HE instead of SHE LOL.

    WAY TO GO LORANN. I am so proud of you and your haircut does make you look younger. I almost didn't recognize you. You look fantastic!!!
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    hey all. just wanted to check in and let u know i'm sick today. guess no worries about going over on calories today... will post when i'm better. hubby thinks i have swine flu. he's just a little bit overdramatic at times....
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    Okay, for those of you having a hard time finding the thread, try this: Go to the top right corner tab marked community, then click on "My Topics", this will display all the threads on which you have posted. They are in order starting with your most recent post. In order for it to show up there, you have to have posted in it, so if we have a new thread tomorrow you have to post in the new thread before it will show up in your "My Topics" section.

    Adopt4 - hope you DON'T have swine flu! Feel better:flowerforyou:

    Prayerful - Don't be so hard on yourself - you are soooo amazing and there are no laws dictating your workouts - be good to that body of yours!:heart:

    Lorann - WOW!!!! YAAAAAAYYYYY! Congratulations on the big 5-0!!! Your pic is great and WOW again, cuz look how much thinner your face is! You look FAB-ulous!:glasses:

    Crazybee - Vegas is getting closerrrrr! Excited for you:smile:

    LW4M - Don't let those people at work get to you! My theory for people that tick me off ~ kill 'em with kindness! It really throws people for a loop - and ends up making them look so ridiculous! Be strong girl, and be kind to you!:heart:

    Pawprint, Healthymom- Glad you are here girls - missed you:smooched:

    Buttonnose - hope all your tests go well ~ I had all the "girl gear" removed a little over two years ago - best thing I ever did!

    Anita, Kristi, LI4G, Sheila, April, Zano, Dara, and everyone else that isn't coming to the table lately - we are not the same without you. Come baaaaaaack! Pleeeeeaaase:cry:

    See you peeps tomorrow
  • Morning Group...not logging my weight this week. Just so off track and just not doing well.
    Spent another night having an affair with the garbage can in the bathroom last night. Starting to get a bit worried...this throwing up for no reason is really starting to wear me down.

    Lulu..I sure hope it is the "girl gear" that is causing this and I hope they do remove it as I am not enjoying this one bit. I have finally decided to take positive steps in my life to get better and now this....has me just a bit upset.

    Well...just wanted to let everyone know I won't be logging my progress as I just can't do it right now.