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I could do with a bit more energy!

Sometimes, say about 2/3 times a week I'm so tired when I get home from work that I just can't seem to do anything and just mooch about in front of the telly before hitting the sack early. It really gets me down because I feel I'm missing out on doing my hobbies. My job isn't hugely stressful but I do work 8 hours a day and have a 1hr commute each way.

I try and get to bed by 11pm and get up around 7am although I do get woken during the night because my bf comes to bed much later than me. I don't understand how I can end up so sleepy when I get my 8 hours.

So basically I'm looking for some energy boosting tips, would be great to have a bit more energy in the evenings so any help would be much appreciated.


  • leslisa
    leslisa Posts: 1,350 Member
    Are you eating enough and are you taking a multi-vitamin. I have to take a multi-vitamin (mine's with iron because I tend towards anemia) or I am literally on my *kitten* all evening.

    Are you getting enough water? Dehydration can definitely lead to exhaustion.

    The other thing is, when I feel totally wiped out, I often sit on the floor and stretch. Sounds like nothing, but for some reason it really helps me keep feel invigorated enough to make it through the evening for working on my laptop (yes, I work at work and I work at home and sometimes I work other places, too).

    Another thing, do you drive your commute or do you take a train or something. You can try flexing your muscles and holding them to boost your metabolism and your energy level.

    Hope you are feeling more energetic soon!
  • l3rob
    l3rob Posts: 28 Member
    I experienced this too (my job was quite stressful though). After recently starting an exercise regimen and back on multivitamins it seems to help. The multivitamins are those packets that contain a combination of things like omega oils and vitamin C along with the multi.
  • Livingdeadgirl44
    Livingdeadgirl44 Posts: 264 Member
    Had a chat about this with my bf last night as he commented I seem to be more tired since we moved house. I'm going to get a multivitermin today and start taking them so thanks for the tips.

    I have also not been doing much exercise as I've been busy with new house stuff so I'm going to try and at least take a walk once a day.

    It's such a pain, last night I stayed i while my bf and friends went out, as soon as they left the house I jumped into bed and slept!

    Well hopefully things will get a bit better with the above steps.
  • darrensurrey
    darrensurrey Posts: 3,942 Member
    So since moving house you became less energetic and you state you've not been doing so much exercise... either it's the house or the lack of exercise!

    If you're eating well (a variety of foods regularly), the multi-vitamin won't make much difference.
  • l3rob
    l3rob Posts: 28 Member
    Definitely do the exercise and like darrensurrey stated, try to eat nutritiously. I forgot to mention as well that I had increased my water intake from one cup a day to 7-8. Leslisa is right, dehydration will affect you too and you may not realize it.

    Belive me, I know it's hard at first and being tired you have no desire to exercise. I got stuck in that rut big time due to my job. You will probably mumble and groan as you put your walking shoes on and think how much you'd rather curl up in bed. Force yourself to do it. It will take a few weeks to get into the groove but you will be grateful you did it. Each day you complete your exercise of choice, you will feel a sense of accomplishement which is good for the mental state.
    Good Luck!