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My 100 Reasons to Lose Weight...what are yours?

darla100darla100 Member Posts: 169 Member Posts: 169
My 100 Reasons Why I want to lose this weight:

1.To try and avoid cancers (run in the family)
2.Get off my Depression Medication
3.Avoid diabetes (runs in the family)
4.Learn to not have food as my "crutch"
5.Learn to only eat when hungry
6.Bring up my confidence level
7.Help with my low self-esteem issues
8.Set a healthy example for my kids
9.Feel sexier..which I would hope would lead to more sex
10.Increase my energy level, so I can have more
11.Fit into a size I did in High School
12.Wear a Rockin Hot Swim Suit to Mexico
13.Feel Rocking Hot wearing that swimsuit!
14.Turn heads when I am out, and know they are looking at me, and not my hot friend!
15.Fit comfortably in a plane seat
16.Not feel like a beached whale at the water parks
17.To be a Role Model for friends and family, that losing weight on your own is possible, and not with help of surgeries
18.To fit into the cute womens clothing that I sell in the store
19.Be able to try new things with out worry about if a rope would break..
20.I want to Run a 5K and finish!!
21.To have the endurance to last through Karate Classes again
22.To ride a real bike, and not worry if the tires look flat.
23.To not be everyones funny fat friend
24.To not have a double chin
25.I want to be everyones MILF! lol
26.To be able to wear lingerie(and not sweats)
27.To feel confident to wear the lingerie
28.To help elliviate my asthma symptoms
29.To get rid of my jiggly arm flaps
30.To be stronger than my boys!
31.To outrun/out workout my boys!
32.To show my daughter that beauty is more on the inside then the outside
33.To be a smokin hot Grandma, whenever that day comes!
34.To be able to play with that grandbaby..whenever that day comes!
35.To show my sisters that I can finally lose the weight and keep it off!
36.To learn to make/bake healthier versions of all the things we love
37.To wear cute underwear, and not granny panties!
38.To wear cute bras, and not over the shoulder boulder holders!
39.To not have my thigh fat rub together
40.To not have 2 stomach folds
41.To actually find my abs!!
42.To gain muscle definition
43.To have my Black Belt actually fit me so you can see my name!
44.To be able do the 2 Day 39 mile walk for Breast Cancer
45.To be more flexible..(my husband will like this one!ha)
46.I want to like who is looking back at me in the mirror
47.I want to be able to tell my story about this journey to the YMCA, and have them use me to motivate other people
48.I want my hubby to pick me up and carry me over the threshold when we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year
49.To get rid of my chubby cheeks
50.I would love to be a yoga or Zumba instructor!
51.To be ok, when a pic is taken..
52.To live a long and healthy life
53.To have sex with the lights
54.To feel pretty awesome naked
55.To feel beautiful
56.To be in onderland and stay there!
57.To dance out in public and not have my jiggly parts that shouldn't be jiggling, jiggle
58.To be able to try on any type of clothing
59.To be more stylish and wear cute things, cause plus size clothing, is not very stylish
60.To wear jeans and shorts that don't have a W after the size
61.God, this post is hard! It really makes you think!
62.I just turned 40..this is my frickin year, dammit!!
63.When I go thru menopause I don't want to be real big and have to go thru all that crap
64.To not be a "bored" eater..
65.To be able to live and enjoy life the way I want to, and be able to keep things balanced
66.Less stress
67.To crave eating healthy
68.Plus, to be able to have my chocolate and be ok with that!
69.Since we are on this number..gain more confidence in the bedroom, and try new things, and feel confident doing that
70.To live medication free as I get older
71.To have that little Black Dress!
73.To crave exercise
74.To feel good about myself
75.Make my husband proud
76.Make my kids proud and not be ambarrassed that they have a "fat" mom
77.To be able to bend over and tie my shoes without being out of breath
78.To be lean
79.To be toned
80.To be comfortable in my own skin
81.To not have to "dream" about being thin anymore
82.To show everyone, if your dtermined, you can do anything
83.To prove to people that you can always find time to take care of yourself
84.A whole new wardrobe!
85. Shorts that don't cover my thighs
86.To be able to love myself, like my husband loves me
87.To show people that there is a vibrant, sexy woman, behind all this cushion!
88.To wear a cute sarong in Mexico
89.To have sex on the beach in Mexico..(you can believe that I'm talking about the drink, if you want;))
90.To get rid of the baby fat that still hangs..
91.I'm almost done..this is really hard, and I challenge you all to make your own list!
92.To be more positive
93.To be more mentally tough
94.To not crave fast food
95.To be able to say no, to people offering me food or yummy treats
96.To know it is ok, to indulge once in awhile, but not every day
97.To not have back fat
98.To not have my knees crack when I'm exercising
99.I deserve this for myself, I am working hard!
100.I'm not saying that losing this weight is going to make me any happier, or make me more confident..but I really want to see the person on the other side of this 247 pounds(currently at 202) and see what is waiting for me. I am ready for this change and all it will bring to my life and my familys is an emotional roller coaster some days watching your body change and try to accept all that happens..and for your mind to catch up with what people are complementing you on. I have great support here on MFP, and I wouldn't have gotten this far without all my friends!


  • shellicious777shellicious777 Member Posts: 48 Member Member Posts: 48 Member
    Love it!! "mine is to be able to do all those crazy sex positions I want to do!!" "to not say; "ummm my leg wont go any further honey!" LOL
  • MIchelleH2027MIchelleH2027 Member Posts: 1,270 Member Posts: 1,270
    I love this Darla--I can almost copy word for word this whole thing!
  • tubbstattsyruptubbstattsyrup Member Posts: 89 Member Member Posts: 89 Member
    A superb list and one I can identify with. Thanks for making the time to put together as this does make you think.
  • FunsoapsFunsoaps Member Posts: 514 Member Member Posts: 514 Member
    crud I have 100 too. I'll have to write later, it's bedtime.

    But, I will say that lately I am just irritated because I would like to be able to do push ups, pull ups, inverted bicycle, certain yoga moves, run 5 miles at one time, etc.
  • TavistockToadTavistockToad Member Posts: 35,741 Member Member Posts: 35,741 Member
    mine is to look good naked....
  • UmeboshiUmeboshi Member Posts: 1,658 Member Member Posts: 1,658 Member
    Great list. Lots of great goals. You can do a lot of those things without losing weight, though!
  • melcpiamelcpia Member Posts: 118 Member Member Posts: 118 Member
    Love it!! "mine is to be able to do all those crazy sex positions I want to do!!" "to not say; "ummm my leg wont go any further honey!" LOL

    ROFL thats classic! I love it!
  • KateL1969KateL1969 Member Posts: 146 Member Member Posts: 146 Member
    Great reasons and so similar to what mine would be - I'm 42, still carrying the weight from pregnancy 13 years ago and do martial arts. Thanks for the post and LET'S DO THIS! Weight loss is supposed to be harder once you get to menopause so we have a window of opportunity. Let's take it. Kate
  • k2charmed4uk2charmed4u Member Posts: 282 Member Posts: 282
    Love it!! "mine is to be able to do all those crazy sex positions I want to do!!" "to not say; "ummm my leg wont go any further honey!" LOL

    Haha love this and totally agree with you on that one :blushing:
  • Elf_Princess1210Elf_Princess1210 Member Posts: 913 Member Member Posts: 913 Member
    I only have 3:

    1. To have a healthy baby
    2. To avoid obesity related problems/ diseases
    3. Because I want to look as fabulous as I feel
  • CupcakeDefeaterCupcakeDefeater Member Posts: 115 Member Member Posts: 115 Member
    I accept your challenge (sorry if any of yours are repeated.)
    Here we go.....

    1. To make my mum happy and proud
    2. To be able to sit in the hairdressers without wishing the mirror could be covered up.
    3. To go into clothes shops and not feel like everyone is looking thinking 'her *kitten* will NEVER get in that!'
    4. To go shopping for me and not to hold my mates stuff whilst she tries stuff on.
    5. To make my neurologist happy.
    6. To be completely free of IIH
    7. To never have another lumbar puncture.
    8. To be able to sit in a convertible and know that appreciative stares from men are for me not the car.
    9. To sit in my KA and not look rediculous (its a very small car)
    10. To be able to eat cake without people judging me.
    11. To be able to hear a fat joke and not think its some weird way of insulting me (even though thats not the intention)
    12. To never again hear the words 'you have a really pretty face'
    13. To buy a plane ticket without the worry they will ask me to buy 2 seats. (has never happened but always freaks me out)
    14. To see a dress,love it, buy it.
    15. To have a top in every colour.
    16. To have clothes in yellow without looking like a prat.
    17. To wear a bikini on the beach and have people stare for the right reasons.
    18. To have the confidence with men and not think 'oh he'll hate that I lke him coz im fat'
    19. To not blame everything that goes wrong in my life on being fat.
    20. To walk into a new job in a suit that fits well.
    21. To just know I look good without having to ask everyone for confirmation.
    22. To experiment with my looks and not just settle for 'well atleast my jiggly bits are covrred'
    23. To come back at christmas see 'that bloke' and make him realise he cant do any better and now hes got no chance.
    24. To be able to drive with my feet reaching the pedals properly as I can pull my seat forward.
    25. To buy jewelry that is elegant and dainty.
    26. To be called feminine.
    27. To be able to wear heals.
    28. To not compare myself to other fat people and think, am I bigger than her?
    29. To have the energy to party again and not reside to my sofa on a saturday night.
    30. To go dancing and not feel like a whale.
    31. To be able to complain when its cold and not to get funny looks from people thinking I should have enough insulation already.
    32. To not be the funny fat friend.
    33. To be the leading lady in the film of my own life.
    34. To make my friends happy.
    35. To make some of them slighty jelous.
    36. To not have my guy friends refer to me as a sister.
    37. To show everyone the real me, who I feel on the inside.
    38. To not feel insulted when skinny friends go on a diet and call themselves fat.
    39. To not avoid mirrors at all costs.
    40. To have great, mind blowing, up aginst the wall coz he can lift me sex.
    41. To not have people assume I can drink tons of booze as I have fat to soak it ip.
    42. To not have people suprised im drunk after only a few.
    43. To be able to have little things without looking.weird.
    44. To wear tight clothes which look awesome!
    45. To wear the stuff I sell at the shop.
    46. To buy a pair of bonsoir pyjamas.
    47. To wear really cute underwear.
    48. To not feel out of place in anne summers.
    49. To book a holiday without thinking,.ive gotta.loose a lot of weight.
    50. To go on rollercoasters without the fear the harness will break under my weight.
    51. To use nice posh body lotion and not think its a waste.
    52. To get a tattoo around my side
    53. To show that tattoo off
    54. To be able to have kids.someday.
    55. To not compare myself friends.
    56. To make my mfp pals proud
    57. To have people say I look great and mean it.
    58. To be able to say im having a fat day without people.laughing.
    59. To have my house look good and feel stylish whilst im in there.
    60. To actually have a fashion sence.
    61. To have people refer to me as the nice blonde girl, not the nice larger girl.
    62. To be confident getting changed infront of people.
    63. To actually want to excersize
    64. To not have people look at me funny when I say im craving salad.
    65. To give a big middle finger to anyone who said I was fat.
    66. To look like.i smell nice.
    67. To not sweat after a quick trip round tesco.
    68. To want to walk to the shop and not drive.
    69. To avoid diabetes
    70. To wear scarves not because they hide my chin
    71. To not think people are staring at my *kitten*
    72. To think people are being genuine when they ask me out.
    73. To actually care about looking nice.
    74. To not feel like I dwarf peole.
    75. To not feel selfconcious when I meet new people
    76. To never write another one of these lists.
    77. To be able to laugh withought my body jiggling.
    78. To have the energy to do what I want.
    79. To no longer rely on caffeine as amain source of energy.
    80. To experiment with sex in a way ive.never before.
    81. To get married one day without the 10 months I gotta stress about losing weight rubbish.
    82. To go to a day spa and feel lush with a massage.
    82. To make inuendos about mysef without people shuddering.
    89. To live a long life which isnt bogged down with fat induced illness.
    90. To stop sitting cross legged all the time.
    91. To enjoy having my picture taken.
    92. To feel what a flat stomach feels like.
    93. To be a good role model to my god daughter.
    94. To run the marathon in a silly costumes
    95. To go to a sexy fancydress party.
    96. To give assurance to others that they will get there in the end.
    97. To be happy in my own skin.
    98. To love my body nd love showing it off.
    99. To have my cheekbones back.
    100. To look good naked.

    Jeez that really makes you think!! Has kinda self inspired me aswell in a weird way. Great challenge! Xxx
  • sho3girlsho3girl Member Posts: 10,799 Member Member Posts: 10,799 Member
    Love this thread - really gonna think about MY 100 Reasons
  • ChitownFoodieChitownFoodie Member Posts: 1,572 Member Member Posts: 1,572 Member
    Wow, you really have 100!
  • CupcakeDefeaterCupcakeDefeater Member Posts: 115 Member Member Posts: 115 Member
    You can just think of em while your writing and realise this stuff in your head lol x
  • coliemacoliema Member Posts: 7,701 Member Member Posts: 7,701 Member
    1. I'm getting married next August. :love:
  • Goal_Seeker_1988Goal_Seeker_1988 Member Posts: 1,625 Member Member Posts: 1,625 Member
    Well I can't think of 100 off of the top of my head... However, here's a few... But I am sure I could think of more than 100...

    1.) I am so close to my goal
    2.) It would help me drop more body fat
    3.) Get me one step closer to my overall fitness goals
    4.) Help me get into a size 6
    5.) Give me more confidence
    6.) Be more comfortable
    7.) Feel more accomplished
  • darla100darla100 Member Posts: 169 Member Posts: 169
    I accept your challenge (sorry if any of yours are repeated.)
    Here we go.....

    Jeez that really makes you think!! Has kinda self inspired me aswell in a weird way. Great challenge! Xxx

    This is so awesome!!! It does make you think...
  • darla100darla100 Member Posts: 169 Member Posts: 169
    Yes, alot of this can be done without losing the weight...but when your stuck in a "shell" of a body, with no confidence..some of these things can be difficult. I feel like a caterpillar, in a big *kitten* cocoon right now...some day I will be a beautiful butterfly...
  • helenoftroy1helenoftroy1 Member Posts: 638 Member Member Posts: 638 Member
    bump to read later. Interested in this
  • heartofvioletheartofviolet Member Posts: 119 Member Member Posts: 119 Member
    38.To wear cute bras, and not over the shoulder boulder holders!

    LOL! That's great!
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