Egg white eaters

Flafster Posts: 106 Member
What do you do with your yolks? Surely you can't make THAT much lemon curd? Lol


  • MNA76
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    I actually by All Whites. It's egg whites only. It's kind of expensive, but then I don't have to figure out what to do with the yolks. :smile:
  • StarvingDiva
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    I could make a ton of lemon curd. HAHA! Just kidding.

    I buy egg whites in the carton so nothing goes to waste. I eat whole eggs as well, but sometimes I just want an egg white omelette but don't want to waste anything.
  • sgarrard01
    sgarrard01 Posts: 213 Member
    in the bin!.... althoug to stop the wastage i've found that you can buy bottled and pasturised egg whites for cooking with, so i'm going to start buying that from now on!
  • JanetLM73
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    I'm bad...I throw them out.
  • therealangd
    therealangd Posts: 1,861 Member
    I buy the cartons of liquid egg whites.

    If I do have to separate, I give the yolks to my dog. It makes her coat shiny.
  • loadsandloads
    loadsandloads Posts: 353 Member
    Now I just buy cartons of 100% egg whites. I used to give the yolks to my dogs. I've always been told the protein is good for the coat.
  • udallmom101
    udallmom101 Posts: 564 Member
    I throw them away, unless my kids want french toast that week, then I save them in a container and make french toast casserole as a treat on the weekend.
  • iroze
    iroze Posts: 78 Member
    My mom once told me that when she was little her mom used the yolks to coat her hair after the wash, then rinse. It made hair shiny and healthy. I am yet to try it on my daughter, though :)
  • caitlinen
    caitlinen Posts: 36 Member
    I just throw them away... I have nothing else to do with them and we don't have just eggs whites sold where I live.
  • I throw them out or leave them for someone else to eat.
  • rmhand
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    I throw them away. I figure thats what they do with them at the places that produce the cartons of egg whites. Cartons of just egg whites are expensive and I don't think the increased cost is worth it, or I at least end up paying the same for 12 egg whites for 99 cents.
  • Bobby_Clerici
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    I just toss the yokes - too many calories.
    I retain one yoke per 3 eggs, and yokes are not the evil food we once thought it was.
    Dietary fat is dense in calories but not so bad after all - especially egg yokes which contain much nutrition,
    Again, it's high in calories, so I end up tossing a few - who cares?
    Just don't tell my mother!
    I don't want to hear about starving kids in BFE....:sick:
  • sammys1girly
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    I used to throw them out but then realized my dog loves 'em so I give them to him.
  • LifeOnMars_
    LifeOnMars_ Posts: 755 Member
    I buy egg whites :)
  • jbootman
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    I feed mine to my chickens, who have just started to lay their own eggs, true recycling, before that I also threw them away, like fat off meat, skin, bones, orange peels, I have given myself the permission not to eat as well as permission to buy and eat better food.
  • CandeesLand
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    My dogs get the shells and yolks. It's a great source of protein and fat from the yolk and calcium from the shell. I eat whole eggs about half the time, the other half just the whites.
  • Southernb3lle
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    I just buy the carton of egg whites.
  • MarianneDarroch
    MarianneDarroch Posts: 71 Member
    It depends if only have eggs in the house I toss the yolks but I try and buy a carton of only egg whites when possible but that can be quite expensive compared with buying eggs in bulk.
  • bathsheba_c
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    Ooh, I want to try the hair thing. I throw them away (oops), but I have a friend who puts them in a tupperware container and freezes them. She then uses them later whenever she needs an egg wash for something (usually baking - yum!).
  • priddy_girl
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    I just toss them. I can't bring myself to pay twice as much for only whites when I can seperate them myself.