The best exercise for thighs rubbing against each other.

Every time I walk or run, my thighs rub together so much, that I'm forming red bumps where the friction is. What other exercises can I do to prevent this until my thighs get slimmer? Preferably cardio. Thanks in advance!


  • Jugie12
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    Any cardio, if that's what you want to focus on. Walk or jog on incline. Bike at a harder level. Swim. Put the eliptical at a harder level so you really have to use your muscles. Incorporate plyometrics - great cardio - like high jumps.

    Honestly, lunges and squats will do wonders. Might not be typical cardio but they work.
  • jgic2009
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    Try some anti-chafe balm on your thighs to reduce the friction.
  • shorty313
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    Try changing your shorts. Mine are like bermuda-length compression shorts.
  • BrianSharpe
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    Compression shorts or capris will help with the chaffing as far as exercises go I'm sorry to say there's no such thing as spot reducing, as your overall % of body fat drops your thighs will get slimmer but it's not predictable what parts of your body get smaller first.

    Cardio will help you burn more calories which may help with your weight loss, you may also want to think about building some strength training into your fitness program to reduce the amount of lean muscle mass lost.
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    I used to have that problem. I found that a good slick pair of spandex exercise shorts did the trick. I found a pair with elastic around the legs so they didn't ride up. You could always wear them under another pair of shorts if need be.
  • the best exercises for thighs such as running, swiming. if u have some problem in running theen u can start with waik and increase the distance day by my opinion the cycling is the best for thighs. if u cycling daily for 5 to 6 miles your thghs ll become fit and tighter. if u want to lose your thighs weight then u need to swiming daliy,it ll reduced your exta fat and ll make u fit.
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    I agree with everyone who recommended different attire, tighter and slick, even on the insides. My actual sweats all got donated. They were the cause of most of my discomfort. I've also gained relief from cooling talc. There's a couple different brands. I've used Johnson & Johnson and Gold Bond.