Gotta get back in control!!!

I'm having such a hard time staying in control! Staying committed to eating right and exercising consistently is proving very difficult for me right now. I was doing very well, then after a lot of travelling for several weeks, I'm just not sticking to my plan. And when I go off plan, MAN, do I go off plan!!! It's very frustrating as I REALLY want to hit my midrange goal by November, but I'm not sure that will happen if I don't hunker down.

I think I need happy thoughts! Any of you have any to spare, please send them my way. Thanks and have a great week, everyone!


  • dbg1
    dbg1 Posts: 208
    Your part way to your goal. Don't stop now! I know it can be frustrating but once you reach your goal you will be so happy to be able to change your routine from weight LOSS to weight MAINTAIN.

    We have all been there. Sometimes we go off on these binges because we gave up too much all at once. Focus on giving up one thing a month. It'll be much easier.

    Congrats on your weight loss so far. You WILL make your goal for November!:drinker:

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  • kimster
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    I am in the same boat - was doing awesome and then - bam - 3 weeks go by and i have not been doing what i was supposed to be doing - however, i made a mental decision that i was going to get back on the horse today. every day is a new day and the fact that you are ready to move forward is fantastic - rock on!