Need to get back on track...

I feel like I'm a little off these days.:sad: Since I've been doing so well I feel like my mind set is starting to go back to my "oh that's ok I've been doing good I'll have some of this and this and this"..... I don't want to go back to that mind set. I'm finding it very difficult to stay below the macro's that I've set for fat.:noway:

I've been using my fitbit for 2 weeks and have been eating back my "adjustments". I'm wondering if I should stop and just stick back to my 1200 calories and eating back my workout calories (yes, besides eating my adjustments I do eat back my workout calories).

I've got about 5 lbs to go to reach my goal and hopefully my bf % goal of 20.

I just needed to "vent" and I know i'm rambling. If you are reading this..thanks!

Have a great day!

Sheila :flowerforyou:


  • kilemen
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    oh my goodness! you're doing great! don't stop girl! keep up the good work. Think back to where you were and set your priorities there again!
  • Salasel
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    You have come along way Dont let a plateau derail that. The final 5 pounds are always the hardest to loose. giving a sugestion is hard since 1200 is a bare minimum of what people should be eating. Most of the days that I really have hard core workouts or am extreamly active I will have a intense calorie defecit to the point where I will try to eat back to the point of having 1200 to 1500 net calories. Since you are now probably alot more active have you looked at your activity setings and made sure they still match your life style?

    as always good luck!
  • newhabit
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    i know how you feel because i lost 27 lb doing this and recently gained 10 back. that has been very frustrating to deal with. i got in the habit of just eating stuff because i "missed" it and it turned out very detrimental. so i know where you're coming from. i have to start over if i want to lose this last 10 lb.
  • BSchoberg
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    Oh, man, I HATE that voice --- the one that says "you've been so good, you can have that (insert hugely fattening treat here)." Then she gets really nasty and says stuff like "I think you're overtraining - you need to take a couple weeks off." That voice is a ***** and she just won't die. Worse, I hate how I feel when I give in - especially when it becomes a true back slide. That voice lies and tells me she's my true self and lulls me into forgetting how good I feel when she's silent.

    That being said, I'm stronger than she is and I will win in the end...
  • RES2333
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    You have done great in losing 25 lbs so it is understandable to want to reward yourself and indulge in those foods that you have missed or craved. Or to even take a day off once and awhile.

    The key is don't make it a habit. And while giving in to the cravings remember to use portion control.

    My feeling is that giving in to craving can make this journey tolerable. I doubt any of us grew up chugging down protein shakes, eating our vegatables, worrying about lean sources of protein, watching salt and sugar intake. You ate certain things and those are comfort foods. So I think while it (the food we crave) may not always be healthy nutritionally it is healthy for our well being. I'm not enocuraging anyone to go back to eating whatever they ate before. What I would encourage is giving in and allowing you to reward yourself for the effort you putting in. Again, you just need to tell yourself that you are going to enjoy it and tomorrow get right back in the game.

    I am a firm believer in a cheat day. It keeps me sane. It lets me reward myself and enjoy things I used to enjoy. But I know I can't keep eating that way everyday. Pick a day of the week and tell yourself...on that day I get to eat what I want. You can look foward to that day, the same way you look forward to a weekend and no work.

    To me if someone were to say to themselves "oh no I can never eat (insert favorite food here) again as it is too fattening." It is setting themselves up to fail. Then this whole thing becomes like punishment. We all want to look at feel better, that is why we do this. Parting of feeling better is rewarding yourself...just don't overdo it. Having some reward day or meal to look foward to each week makes it better. You celebrate what you accomplished all week and then you get back to it!