New here and figuring out how to conquer my barriers

Hello Everybody! I just signed up last week and am THRILLED at what I have found here on MFP. Everyone seems so nice! I'm 39 and have 60lbs of "baby fat" to lose! OK,so my youngest is 10 years old. I keep losing the same 10 lbs over and over again. I've used South Beach and Weight Watchers, both of which are awesome, but I have trouble staying with them...mostly because of the cost! I'm thrilled that this is FREE! Where have you been all my life?! So, here I am, counting calories for the first time and anxious to "Just Do It." I'd love to connect with some friends to help me through figuring out why I seem to become discouraged after dieting for that first 10 lbs...and then lose momentum. And it doesn't help that its 100 degrees where I live and exercising seems impossible! So, any suggestions for me? Anyone want to be my friend? :smile:



  • Welcome! I've been here a week but I love it here! When you have friends motivating you daily it becomes less of a chore and you actually want to do better for them as well as yourself! For the past year I've also been losing and gaining that same 10lbs! I just didn't have the drive to keep it off, but no more!

    I've even got my mum and housemates to sign up, feel free to add us all, the more the merrier! They're: Dimples1462, samandnik1 cockneynutjob :)
  • AngelaLynn16
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    Feel free to add me, I get where you're coming from. For me, I can't even get through that first 10 pounds most of the time before I beat myself up so bad I quit. I just joined today.
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    Hi! New as well and finding the same - everyone here is so nice and supportive!

    I'm exactly the same regarding those 10lbs. For me it's a combination of a) motivation (after a couple of months I'm not as enthralled by my healthy lifestyle anymore because it's not new and exciting), and b) the weight doesn't drop off as quickly and I get discouraged.

    I think the answer lies in being able to change things up and keep it exciting, plus having people to cheer you on when you hit those barriers! So on that note, feel free to add me :wink:
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    Hello and welcome!
    I'm not so new anymore (25 days). Found this site to be very helpful. Everyone is great. I love that we all have the same goal but are doing different things. I'm a low-carber, or ketard, if you will. I have keep a stash of recipes in my blog. Feel free to add me. :drinker: