HIIT warning



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    I was wondering why no one has been responding to me lately and why I couldn't see my reflection in the mirror....
  • konalove3
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    "My friend's neighbor's cousin's workout partner..."

  • iWaffle
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    All that was left was a pile teeth, gold chains and workout gear.
    You should really try out Cash For Gold. Depending on how Jersey Shore he was that could be worth enough to buy a month's worth of protein and a gym membership dues.
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    He should have eaten more protein. And eaten back his exercise calories. And not worn make-up to the gym.

    I know, right?
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    Seeing a lot of HIIT posts lately, so I figured this old thread could use a bump
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    Can I log all the laughing this thread made me do as cardio for the day... Or maybe an ab workout?

    my thoughts exactly!! I'm totally logging this!!
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    If I do HIIT, can I do that 50 miler with 10,000 feet of elevation gain that's coming up in 4 weeks? That should be enough time, right?
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    We all know the benefits of HIIT and the awesome afterburn. But there is a dark and dangerous side to HIIT.

    My friend's neighbor's cousin's workout partner did HIIT for four days in a row and he burned so many calories he actually disappeared! All that was left was a pile teeth, gold chains and workout gear.

    You've been warned...

    LOL well four days in a row... it's a bit much. :)
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    Although this thread is hilarious, do people really do HIIT for three-four days in a ROW? :noway: I always do it every other day, I am EXTREMELY shocked right now to hear this!
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    this old HIIT thread needs a bump!