Weight loss fat vs. muscle

lgwmab Posts: 274 Member
SO I was really proud of myself for a while; however latelt, I'm a little disqusted with myself. The scale stayed at 141 for what seemed like forever, today, 144! I was up 3 pounds! How can this be, I've been watching, not as closely as I should, but I've been watching. My clothes have gotten bigger, I can actually wear size 8's and a few 7's. recently i realized some of my shirts are getting bigger in my cheast, a reion that has only grown with weight loss. So I heard muscle weighs more then fat, talk about B.S. a pound is a pound, but muscle is more dense then fat, it burns more calories.

SO I wonder, could I be gaining, and toneing more muscle, would this account for the increase of pounds, and yet clothes getting bigger? Could muscle gain account for my want to eat more? ( No specific cravings, almost TOM related, but that has been over for a few days now, and those cravings only lasted the first few days, not weeks.)

What the heck is going on with my body?