Invent a Superhero- YOU!

If you could make yourself into a superhero, what would your abilities be?

Mine would be simple really. The closer I am to blood relatives (logistically), the stronger I am. Around people I share no blood ties with, I am as durable as a human at his peak power level.

Example: If I am within a close radius of my twin sister, the person I share the closest DNA with, I am would be super strong and durable. Near Incredible Hulk Power Level.

The more I had around me, the stronger I would be. Example. Dad, son, older sister, and twin sister are near me, I would be at peak strength. At a family reunion, I would be unstoppable.

The less blood ties I share with someone (ie 3rd and 4th cousins), the effect would lessen and not give me the strength that a sister/parent/grandparent gave me.

My 2nd mutation would be able to 'see' if I am related to you, no matter how distant it was, and be able to trace to how we are related.

My name would be: Bloodlines


  • HauteP1nk
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    Sounds like there'd have to be a lot of incest the bloodline would weaken and become diluted with other bloodlines....

    Have you seen True Blood? This could turn out like the inbred panthers...trying to keep their bloodlines strong....haha
  • Whaaa?! No, I would just have to be near them, and I would be the only super powered one. Example: Robbers break into my house and I go to protect my son, someone who shares 50% DNA with me, I would be super strong and be able to easily protect him. If someone broke in and I went to protect say a 3rd or 4th cousin, I would still be VERY strong, just not as strong as I would be defending my son or siblings.

    Hope that cleared it up for you.
  • ket_the_jet
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    @Bloodlines: Why would you ever want that power? You are inviting bad guys to attack your family and loved ones.
  • BrettPGH
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    @Bloodlines: Why would you ever want that power? You are inviting bad guys to attack your family and loved ones.

    I was just thinking that the LAST thing I want is to be around my family that much. Would it be wrong to use those powers to attack them?

    I'm gonna go with

    -shape shifting

    No prison could hold me. No one could catch me. I'd be the world's greatest thief and spy. My name? Doesn't matter. You'll never know who I am anyway...
  • LifeOnMars_
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    I would go with:

  • galegetsthin
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    Mine would be to be ultra agile and flexible, gymnastic based. I would be able to jump high and far and bend to fit in awkward places (like the backseat of a volkswagen) and have cat like balance and reflexes.
  • ZombieChaser
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    super speed, telekinesis and invisibility. A psychic rogue!
  • HauteP1nk
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    Predict the future
    Super Strength
  • Killing_Perfection
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    Oh come on, heroes are boring.... I'd rather be a supervillain.
    I'd love to manipulate gravity....

    Ohohohoho, the mischief~! ♥
  • tomomatic
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    Super Strength
    Super Healing
    Heat vision

    and being able to eat anything I wanted without gaining a pound.