Going the Distance

I have 3 more days to go on a fitness challenge. I have made tons of sacrificies......setting up a 16th bday without eating anything, going to comedy club and sneaking into the bathroom to eat my meal, and coming back to everyone eating and smelling their meals, being at a rock concert, sitting in the corner eating a spinach salad and chicken....crazy stuff to stay focused. Working out hard, getting through busted bleeding, blisters, icing almost every part of my body after my workouts, pushing through each and every day and taking time to rest, even though I wanted to keep going.
My point to all this, is that you CAN do it.....you can push yourself to the limit if you really want it. Even though the challenge ends on Monday, I'm already working toward long term goals. I am already focused on the next challenges I've set up. So even when you are down and out, your body hurts, you miss certain things.....just keep on keeping on. The only obstacle is you..nothing else...you hold the power!!! Even though these last few days are the most grueling I've dealt with, I will not let up.
You can do it too!!!!
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