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  • Prayerfulmom does not take dr advice well. Suppose to take it easy. Managed 75 miles cycling and a 2 mile hike. Totaly blew it on the food this weekend. Away from home for several days. Much to do to still make a loss this week and keep my promise.
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    Prayerful ~ tsk tsk.... you should be listening to that doctor:huh: All that biking and hiking is NOT taking it easy!! Hope you had a good time away from home!:)

    LI4G ~ Yaaayyy to getting your life back soon! Good for you!

    LW4M ~ Hope you are feeling better and didn't overdo it at work the last couple of days!

    Tried a new tactic to get my water in.... keeping a cup that only holds 8 ounces by the sink (and one on my desk tomorrow at work) and drink a full glass every hour - the cup is so small that it is easy to gulp down - pretty easy to get the water in and I wasn't intimidated by the big ole jug I've been filling up for months now (I look at it with dread every day). So, just shaking it up to see if this makes it easier:)

    Back to work for me tomorrow - got in a LOT of cleaning and yard work this long weekend! Feels good to be all caught up on that sorta stuff. Hubby and I went to the movies Sat. AND Sun.! Saw "All About Steve" on Saturday, cute movie - but really just a renter. On Sunday we saw "District 9" WOW - It was sooo interesting and engrossing - very good alien flick and I'll definately see the sequel.

    Have a great week gang.:drinker: :drinker: :drinker:
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    Spent the day in at the other house working on it. Its coming along pretty fast! Saturday we had a "painting party" over there and got the whole inside repainted. Today I cleaned the gas fireplace (easy enough) and scrubbed the white baseboards using a magic eraser. We thought we would have to repaint them also but after scrubbing them they look really good, so probably wont have to do that. Hung new light fixtures and went to home depot to pick out new tile and a new bathtub for the master bathroom. That was fun! Easy to pick colors for a house that isnt yours!! LOL Of course, now that I talked with the contractor about tiling, I am considering doing my laundry room myself! Will probably do that here when we are done doing the house and I need something to stay busy.

    On another note...the facebook saga with my mom continues. I am just not sure what she is trying to accomplish here, but hopefully my last post will end her preaching on my wall. Im simply told her that at 36 years old I think I can decide what is best for me and that while I appreciate her concern its not necessary. Im sure that will go over like a lead balloon.. but I felt it was necessary. I dont know why she suddenly decided that I needed to hear her go on and on about religion and god. I guess Im just a bigger heathen than I thought! LOL!

    Not a good food day for me. Not wise choices but I didnt over eat. Oh well... tomorrow is a new day and I have plans for good meals all day :wink:
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    Man. I had a bad night. For some reason I was seriously craving choc cake. So I went to the store and bought one, and some vanilla ice cream of course to go with it. That's the bad news. The good news is the cake didn't taste very good, so instead of eating half of it like I had planned to do, I ate normal size piece or maybe a bit less (was sharing it with my kid) and have no interest in having another piece. Ever. I'm not sure exactly why I went to food for comfort, I've been stressed and not sleeping well, waking up at 2 am and doing organizing and cleaning, but I couldn't exactly tell you that thing that's bothering me.

    So I'm over on cals, but it could have been a whole lot worse, got my cake fix and it was a bad one so I'm not craving it at all anymore. I'm actually quite grateful the cake tasted stale, to be honest with you. I would throw it away but I'll give my kids a piece of it first, and I'm not tempted by it in the slightest.

    I really hope I just don't like that kind of stuff any more, that the cake is probably just fine but it's my taste buds that are saying ick. That would be very cool.

    Currently confessing my choc sins to crazybee online... but thought I'd 'fess up here too. I've not gone back to the gym (although I put on my gym clothes today, does that count??) and that seems to be a requirement for me to not only keep the weight off but also to keep my motivation in eating (and a lot more leeway in calories).

    I did ride my bike a bit today, but the back tire went flat again right away. It hurt, though, back of my knees and some other muscles, which motivates me to want to ride more, never had riding a bike hurt my muscles before! Gonna buy a bike from the neighbor lady (buy it back, it was our exchange students' and I sold it to her last year) so I am going to start riding on days i don't go to the gym - have to do SOMETHING. Looked for a free treadmill online too, so I could start wogging at home. I like the gym, but some days you're not motivated to do quite all that - but at least i could do something at home, I would have ridden more today if I'd had a bike to ride on. One son just learned to ride w/out training wheels today so I see many a bike ride in our future when his bros are at school (he only goes to K for 2 days a week).

    I have been drinking my water though. At least I"m doing something I'm supposed to. LOL
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAZYBEE!!! And many more!!! Enjoy it - in a health way!!!
  • Good morning,
    I had a great weekend with my best friend. She turns 30 next weekend so I extended the holiday by one day so I could go see her. (she's in GA I'm in TX). Any how it was fun, but now I'm back here getting ready for work, doing the T.O.M thing and wondering if the not so vegetarian diet that I was eating for three days has packed on any weight. But it was well worth it. Don't have to travle again until Oct for a wedding so that is a good chance to make some real head way. Just wanted to check in and say hi. Have a great week.
  • Hey everyone...I am back. Done this going away vacation stuff for a bit now. Still on vacation this week...but going to get serious about water, food and exercise. Looking so forward to it. The other thing I am going to get serious about is getting my yard and house done before returning to work next week.

    Anyways, had a great time while away for these past 3 days. Went to this island called Coburn Island (spelled Cockburn Island..but wanted to ensure everyone got the proper pronounciation). Anyways, it was so much fun...rode over on a tugboat and the people are so laid back there. The roads are only one lane...and very inhabited place. People drove around with no seat belts...and get this even a drink in their hand. It was really nice to just be free of all life's stresses. Maybe it was the killer rye and coke the Reeve made that made me feel so relaxed...their drink mixing is something to be Well enough of that. But it was just so much fun. I hate leaving places where I feel so relaxed...makes me cry.

    Prayerfulmom - be careful in what you do and listen to your doctor, you don't want to set yourself back. So please be careful.

    LI4G - Sad that you mom is fighting with you. You are right though she needs to realize you are 36 years old and can do your own thinking. Personally I would just stop responding to her postings and just shut it down if you can't get her to stop. She is on a mission to prove a point for some reason and I don't think anything you say will make her stop. She is out to make herself look right and you can't beat those kind of people. But I will say I think the issue is really with herself and not so much you so why allow her to mess up your facebook wall with her problems. I wish you good luck and hopefully she stops soon.

    Lulu - glad to hear you had a great weekend. Nice to just sit back and enjoy it with hubby. I know my hubby and I this past weekend had a great time. Mine keeps saying thank you for joining my on that trip to the island as he knows how hard it was for me to get on that tugboat as I am scared of water and can't swim. I can do the big ferry but small boats scare the heck out of me. So he truly appreciated me holding my breath for 40 minutes in fear while riding that boat. Not only was I not breathing but I wasn't talking either, what a nice change for him. LOL

    Well it is 7:22 AM....wanted to sleep in and no such luck. Go make a pot of coffee fear I use light cream..but got to have my double sugar then I am going sit and enjoy my coffee and then time to kick my butt in gear and go for my walk like I promise I would all this week.

    Crazybee - have a Happy Birthday!!!

    Take care all and hugs

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    Good morning everyone!! :flowerforyou:

    I had another great weekend... got a lot of work done on Saturday and the did so much with the relatives, we were on the go the whole time and another weekend of not watching what I ate but that's ok today's a new day :smile:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Crazybee & Paw ... I hope you both have a wonderful day!!!

    Have a great day everyone!! :flowerforyou:
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    Happy Birthday Pawprint!! Hope your day is wonderful!

    Thanks gals for all the birthday wishes. My kids and parents were here yesterday to celebrate my birthday. You'll have to fogive me for going over on calories for a couple of days. I can't turn down birthday cake, that would be just rude. :wink:
  • Thanks for the birthday wishes. I made my goal in a way... I got down to my 10 pound mark.... it wasn't an official weigh in day, but I got there. I'm happy. I've been doing good on calories. Even going down to the river for the WEBN fireworks, and having Jason home this weekend. I ate less, and slower and filled up sooner and on less. I haven't been on here since Friday because we were so busy this weekend. So I have some reading to catch up on. I've made the choice to cut back on my red meat, well I've been cutting back for awhile but lately I haven't had a whole lot and it's amazing what happens to your body when you consume some after awhile.... not pretty lol. But, I feel better in a way when I don't eat it... I feel cleaner on the inside? I dunno. I still do fast food, I"ll admit but I cut back the amount I order. No more huge fries, I do the small one usually from my daughters happy meal lol and I do smaller sandwiches and chicken, ya know just decreasing the amount. I used to fill up on a big mac and now I get full on a tiny cheeseburger lol. So we can retrain our tummies... I never thought I would but I have... just have to keep it that way. I have a friend who I've been passing on advice from here...I think I convinced him that it's not a DIET!! It's a lifestyle change!! I think that all the time now... it's something that I have pounded into my head and even though I know it, I still make myself think it and believe it. So that's all for now... I'll check back later after I have time to really sit and really read everyone's post. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend....
  • Lulu- Good water plan. Thanks for saving me $ on the movie. Almost went to see it.

    L4g-sounds like a lot of work you accomplished. Kudos on the freedom that is coming=).

    Adopt4-I use to be a gym rat. But I love the outdoors so much more. I’d much rather ride my bike or go for a walk outside. I tend to go back in the winter but also have a treadmill I use at home. Good to have options when I’m feeling a bit less motivated to get in the car. I hope you find a love for the bike as I have. Good mommy bonding time too. In my case my 18 year old doesn’t like to ride anymore but its good for the hubby and wife bonding time. I’ve passed the bug to my hubby.

    Crazybee- Happy Birthday!

    Manda-glad you enjoyed your trip. Meat takes a little longer to work through your system than meat. So you may see a bit up from that. I’m a former vegetarian=)

    Button-welcome back. Sounds like a delightful time.

    Paw-Happy Birthday! Congrats on your goal. Also awesome on the mind change.

    One last day off. Think I'll take the dogs to the creek to play. They need to be spoiled. Time to eat well today.
  • Happy Birthday Crazybee and Pawprint! :flowerforyou:

    Sorry I haven't been around lately! I have the flu :sick: and I have done nothing but lay on the couch, and walk from the couch to my bed (in the next room over). This is the first day I've felt up to making the "trek" to the computer! Hopefully this means I am getting better? I haven't been this sick in YEARS!

    I hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAWPRINT AND CRAZYBEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE U HAD A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    running late to get to work ttyl
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    Good Evening, for those who I dont chat with on Facebook... I have been going through alot of pain in my elbows lately and I have been getting shots in them... this past thur I had gone to the dr. and he said if the shots dont start working then I am gonna have to have some kind of surgery on my elbows... and right now I havent been riding my bike due to the fact that my elbow are not allowing me to... and my hubby and kids are helping with washing brushing blowing dry my hair... which I hate not being able to do it myslef....

    just keep me in your thoughts.. and pray for the best..

    Thanks guys...

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    Heeeyyyyy!! A lot of us are checking in and that makes me HAPPY!:bigsmile:

    Crazybee and Pawprint - Super happy birthday! I'm so very glad that you were born!

    Prayerful ~ enjoy your last day off! Have fun with the dogs!

    Okay, the water thing I tried worked great at home, but I'm not sure about for work. I kept forgetting to go refill the glass - so it was more like I got in about 4 glasses instead of 8. hmmmmmm, i'm gonna have to figure this out......

    Laughingfox ~ I'm sorry you're sick!! That sooooo stinks. Rest, drink your fluids, recuperate:flowerforyou:

    Sheila ~ do you use artificial sweeteners?? If you do, stop now. They can contribute to all sorts of joint and bone pain. Hope you are better soon.

    Kisses to all my teamies! Talk to you folks tomorrow~
  • School was a zoo yesterday with tthe Presidents speech and all. Our school made it optional to view in the auditorium at the end of the day. Still sleep deprived from traveling.
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    Morning everyone :flowerforyou:

    Well today's a new day again :grumble: Had a terrible day yesterday... all I wanted to do was eat... and not the healthy food... I have no idea why it was like that... it was like I couldn't get enough... was still drinking my water but that wasn't helping... that was the first day like that since I've started on this journey 4 months ago... I know this week will be a gain for me... another first since I've started :cry: I sure hope today is better... it's just upsets me to know I could have controlled it and I didn't!! Also the motivation to exercise seems to have deserted me... I have great intentions but that's all they seem to be.
  • Hey all. Thanks for the birthday wishes.... I set my second goal yesterday. My goal is to lose another ten pounds by November the 12th... that's my 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend. It's roughly two months away.... give or take some days lol. I need to kick it up a notch... it took me since June to lose these ten pounds but I figure I was just getting started and I had no idea what I was doing lol. Now I do. My over all big goal is to be down to like 130 by march... I know that will happen lol. But I'm not rushing... The faster I lose, the sooner I have to buy new clothes lol. You have to have money for that lol. Anyways, I'm sorry to hear about some of the troubles you girls are having. Every once in awhile I get the craving for food, like I just want to stuff myself... I hate those moments. They are so hard... but everyone gets them. We are allowed to enjoy food but man actually wanting to stuff myself full.... not sure where that comes from and why. I think that there is something going around... few people I know are down with the flu. Well...that's it for now.... off to play some games before my daughter wakes up.... if she ever decides too... she's like me, she enjoys her sleep way to much lol.
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    laughinfox - so sorry u r sick. We had that go thru our house too, a few weeks ago. hope ur on the mend.

    swignal, our prayers are with u. i hope there's another answer other than surgery

    lorann, don't get discouraged. this is a process and it will take your body and mind time to adjust to the "permanency" of eating differently and living a more active lifestyle. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on track. Don't beat yourself up, only look at your past to see how you can fix the reactions you had (turning to food for comfort, or whatever) and react differently next time. Never think that you've blown it so much that you can't undo it, never think that you've blown it so much it's not even worth trying. It takes time to adjust to a new lifestyle. Think of it as your body is learning a new language. If you've ever learned a new language you know that it's hard and it takes awhile and you make mistakes, but one day it will just "click" and you'll be fluent. Same for your body.

    As I write this to Lorann I'm having to tell myself the same thing - this has been an awful week for me eating-wise, and I don't even know why! Stress? Depressed? I can't even tell you what the problem is. Yesterday I weighed and I"m up 7 pounds from 228 where I was before vacation. ARGH! But I deserve the gain, in how I've been eating and not exercising. It's so very, very easy to gain that weight back right now and it's very, very discouraging to think that I'll have to be this diligent at calorie counting my whole life. But as I'm writing the above to Lorann, I realize that it's the truth. I was doing great for many mos, then hit a plateau, took 3 mos to break thru it, and never did get wholly back on track after that. Right now my focus needs to be on eating healthy and stop eating junk, make sure I am giving my body the nutrients it needs to be successful, and in exercising, which I've totally fallen off the wagon there. Right now I have to focus on those two things, to stop watching the scale and getting discouraged by what i see (even though I deserve what I"m seeing) and just focus on the little things like I did in the beginning - exercise at least 3x/wk for 30 mins, doesn't have to be extreme cardio, just starting over, and to get more veggies and fruit in me, and stop buying junk food even for the kids, as it seems I can't control myself right now. Poor kids will only get Rice Chex, Corn Chex, and Cheerios from now on.:laugh:

    So today my goal is to set my training appts now that I have a good idea of my kids' bus schedules for pick up and drop off. I will drink my water (at least I've been doing better on that). I will walk to my friend's house after the kids leave for school, it's only a few blocks, and it's not really "exercise" as much as I need to get moving again. Rode a bike around the culdesac for 10 mins the other day and it made my muscles sore - time to get moving again! I'm buying the neighbor's bike on payday (1 week) and I will start riding on the nice days while the kids are in school (wonder if I can make it to losingit's house without dying? lol). Those are my goals. Please, please keep me accountable and chew my butt if I do not stick to my goals. Sometimes we need support, sometimes we need butt-chewing, and I think I need a good butt-chewing and lulu's slipper. :happy:

    love u guys, have a good one
  • laughingfox-  I sure hope your feeling 100% today.

    LW4Me - do update us on how your doing with your current goals.

    swingal- praying for your elbows.=(  it does sound a little good with the bad to have someone do your hair=)

    lulu - maybe an alarm that goes off say every 1/2 hour and drink 4 oz.  or a ribbon on your finger.

    manda- hope you find time to rejuvenate.

    lorann- yeah, what adopt4 said=) sometimes if I rethink my goals and maybe set up an exercise plan it motivates me.  Best wishes for remotivation today.

    paw-I respect your unrushed approach.  Seriously.  Its a good perspective.  

    adopt4- ahh, yeah what you said=).  Let's have a slipper fight.  I need it for my weekend behavior.  I've been meaning to ask you if you changed the trainer apt.  So now that you read this have you yet?????  

    Yesterday was lovely.  Housework, gardening, lots of cooking for the week (good wholesome kidney friendly foods), and took the dogs to the creek to play (now that is a workout-2 black labs that are pure water dogs).  I had the worst sweet tooth last night.  Somehow suffered through it.   Not that I can't have a sweet treat.  Its just that I am suppose to eat my last food a few hours before bed and I was in bed.  Thus that would be bad!  This is one of those key components that work for 'my' body.  This morning prior to my bike commute I had a yummy smoothie that I made.  Then my 2nd meal (i eat 5-6x) I had steel cut oatmeal with blueberries.  Can I just say yummy!!!!!  Now the sweet tooth is cured.  3rd Meal will be brown rice/black beans/salsa.  4th meal will be whole wheat pasta and chicken breast.  5th  will probably be a piece of fruit and and string cheese.  Doesn't that sound yummy.  Gosh it pays off when I precook!