Do you need a friend who is really supportive

lilorphann Posts: 138 Member
Hi all! Been here almost 490 straight days. Me, my hubby, and son have lost almost 400 pounds collectively, as a family; no surgery, fads, or pills. All by changing how and what we eat and using mfp.
If you're in need of support/encouragement/or someone to kick your butt into gear and to be honest with you, feel free to friend me.
I would love to be that person to help get you to where you want to be!


  • mikebooker1
    mikebooker1 Posts: 148 Member
    Great Great job! I could definately use the support!
  • Karenannmo
    Karenannmo Posts: 118
    :wink: I'm going to friend you now....can always use the extra, kick butt support! Way to go on the family weight loss, that's amazing!
  • toniallen1
    well done.I could use your support as I think I'm starting to lose interest, getting really bored with this "diet".