First week completed ..first time on Community

Hi all

I have absolutely loved it this week. Really kept me on track and been able to enjoy vino at the weekend. Hello to all and hope we all get what we want from the fab tool.



  • naceto
    naceto Posts: 517 Member
    Yay! I am into my third day back on.. this time I have actually used the resources from the site. Reading all of the posts with suggestions and support has been terrific and the food diary is so simple. I haven't spent as much time searching for foods as with other apps. Great stuff! Keep up the good work and enjoy your vino!
  • ashlinmarie
    ashlinmarie Posts: 1,263 Member
    Welcome to the community! It really is a fab tool and you can get lots of help and advice...(wanted and unwanted!)
  • SusieQ103
    SusieQ103 Posts: 27
    My second week and lovin' it! Also enjoyed a couple glasses of vino this weekend and still stayed within my calorie range. You'll do great. Keep moving forward and WELCOME!