Such a Great Feeling..

SMiller074 Posts: 51 Member
For the first time in I don't know how many years... I am the new resident of ONEDERLAND!
And I am so gosh-darned proud of myself. Still much work to be done, but definitely a milestone moment. Husband is probably sick of me dancing around and making up songs about how my weight now starts with a 1.... But I consider it good cardio.
That's all. :)


  • JlSimon22
    JlSimon22 Posts: 73 Member
    congrats! dance away, that's awesome!
  • ctflute
    ctflute Posts: 22
    That has GOT to feel good! Congratulations. That is a real victory and I'm sure you'll inspire many!
  • Mytime82
    Mytime82 Posts: 12
    Congrats that's fantastic
  • LittleNicci
    LittleNicci Posts: 284 Member
  • SMiller074
    SMiller074 Posts: 51 Member
    Thanks every body!! If anyone was curious, most of the songs are to the tune of "Call Me, Maybe"
  • lessofme65
    lessofme65 Posts: 107 Member
    That is awesome, I'm coming up on that goal as well. Hopefully in 2 weeks I'll join you in Onderland!!!
  • wgn4166
    wgn4166 Posts: 771 Member
  • lilpoindexter
    lilpoindexter Posts: 1,122 Member
    HMMM...My goal was 200 by the end of this year, but maybe I'll try for 199 to be in onederland too.
  • soontobesam
    soontobesam Posts: 714 Member

    That's an amazing accomplishment!
  • mrshoffman07
    mrshoffman07 Posts: 121
    Great work
  • Something I can't wait to say "Onederland" lol.. Great job!!
  • TrinaHillier
    TrinaHillier Posts: 54 Member
    Awesome job, wait for me I am hoping before long to be there right along with you. Dance like no one is looking and sing like no one is listening. You deserve it!!!
  • sdoldsMD2013
    sdoldsMD2013 Posts: 128
    Congratulations dear!!
  • michellelhartwig
    michellelhartwig Posts: 498 Member
    AWESOME work!!!!
  • jkestens63
    jkestens63 Posts: 1,164 Member
  • Momma_Grizz
    Momma_Grizz Posts: 294 Member
    Congratulations and welcome to Onederland! Awesome Job! :drinker:
  • FarmGirl69
    FarmGirl69 Posts: 211
    HMMM...My goal was 200 by the end of this year, but maybe I'll try for 199 to be in onederland too.

    YOU CAN DO IT!! :drinker:
  • FarmGirl69
    FarmGirl69 Posts: 211
    Great job & enjoy the deserve it!!! :flowerforyou:
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