Dehydration and tingling in extremities?



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    When you exercise, the blood in your system focuses on your vital organs as opposed to your extremities (your hands & feet). With lack of blood supply, your hands swell due to a lack in volume. When they swell, they start to tingle due to the lack of blood supply. Your best bet is to make a fist every so often when you exercise, then flare out your fingers. &/or lift your hands over your head for a few seconds. It promotes circulation & eases the tingly feeling. I hope this helps! =)
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    Start logging, can't tell if your diet might be part of the problem. Are you eating too much protein? Are you eating at least 130 g of carbs a day? Are you eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day? You are asking for help without giving us data. I sure hope you find out what is wrong, it must be very frightening. Have you been diagnosed as diabetic? Have you ever passed a kidney stone? I'd like to help, but you'll need to start logging, then send me a friend request.
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    I just read over some of the other posts... How're your electrolytes? (Potassium, sodium, & chloride) Do you pee a lot? Could be SIADH (Syndrome of Inappropriate Anti-Diuretic Hormone)? What about Diabetes? Have you checked your sugar? It sounds like a neuropathy of some sort.
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    I have been suffering from dehydration and my kidney doctor cannot find out why I am not retaining fluid. I no sooner walk outside than I star to dehydrate. I have to carry water or gatorade with me every where I go. but I have noticed that when I start to dehydrate and my body starts to retain fluid to avoid the dehydration my extremities start to tingle like my fingers or legs are falling asleep. does anyone know why this is happening?

    Has he checked your electrolites and sodium. I have had kidney stones in the past and seen a urologist as well. My last kidney stones (when i get them i usually have multiple stones), when i was in the er, they checked my electrolites as well as my sodium. I wasnt dehydrated but my sodium was almost completely depleted. gatorade is good for electolites. Just my 2 cents i would have him check your sodium and your kindney function and electrolits.
  • Bwando's, it's what plants crave.

    Seriously are you getting enough sodium?
  • Thanks for all of this interesting info. I, too, dehydrate very quickly, and, in the past, have had minor tingling issues. I believe (but can't prove - that regular (now monthly maintenance) chiropractic care, the treatment (cure!) of my very severe allergies (with the help of two chiropractors, including Advanced Allergy Therapeutics), and an improvement in my diet all helped with the the tingling. I still worry about dehydration.
  • It has been suggested that I may be suffering from Post Tugal Ligation Syndrome. Or it may be all back issue related. As it all gets better after seeing the chiropractor and getting regular massages.
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    Hmm I've been having this tingling for a couple of months. Thank you for some ideas. I will have to remember to bring this up when I see my doctor (tonight actually!)