Now the hard part!

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Ok I've reached my target weight of 150lbs. I just had 15 lbs to lose and it's taken me just over 2 months. Very hard but at the same time, very simple and very straight forward so I thought I would share what has made this so simple this time. Nothing controversial here - you're probably all doing most of it already

1) Count calories: At 47 you would think I knew how much I stuffed into my mouth by now, but no, still an eye opener when it's noted down! Count every calorie

2) Weight training: Can't stress enough how important this has been. I've maintained all my strength and most of my muscle mass - lost nearly all fat!

3) MFP: Support and motivation, but mostly FOCUS! If you're on here every day looking at and talking about all things health and fitness, you will never lose focus in what you're doing

3) Support/workout partner: In my case my wife but a friend would work too. It's great bouncing ideas, motivation and enthusiasm off each other. I help her training routines and her macros, she helps with all my meals. Great team with the same goals

4) Cardio: Previously I have opted for what I thought was BEST for me - running, High intensity training and other such things, and I've had to force myself to do it. This time I have picked something I actually enjoy, cycling! The workout figures aren't as good, but I look forward to going out so I'm going to stick to it!

5) Pick foods you like rather than those you think you should eat: I hate salads, most vegetables, fish, yogurt, wholemeal bread. They're healthy so I SHOULD eat them, but it would be too hard so I don't. I just pick the best of what I do like. The sacrifice I make is that I lose all variety (I have chicken, carrotts, apples and milk every day!)

Both my wife and I are slim and fit again - but this time it's going to stay that way; hence you'll still see me on here all the time!