how fast are you?

I can run 2 miles in 30 mins. My goal is 3 miles in 20 miles. I will get there! evenutally. So how fast are you?


  • ixap
    ixap Posts: 675 Member
    I can run a 5K in 24 minutes and a 50K in 7 hours.
  • elenathegreat
    elenathegreat Posts: 3,988 Member
    Faster than most dogs, especially when I am going straight up a tree.
  • Mellie289
    Mellie289 Posts: 1,191 Member
    I do 3 miles typically in 36 minutes on the treadmill, with a 33 min, 27 sec race time. I'd love to get my time down too - maybe in the 25 minutes range. I'm sure I'll get there with a lot more training and losing some of the extra weight that's weighing me down.
  • wolfchild59
    wolfchild59 Posts: 2,608 Member
    My best recorded pace is 9 minute, 32 seconds per mile when I ran my half marathon earlier this year.
  • liog
    liog Posts: 347 Member
    I'm about 13:30m/mi. I'm hoping to get to 12m/mi by February.
  • You guys are amazing!