NSV - I have a thigh gap!

Flafster Posts: 106 Member

Ok it's a teeny one but I never thought it possible without being skin & bone. But nope, losing a stone and running a lot has given me a sliver of daylight when I stand up.

Just needed to share as husband is rolling his eyes at my excitement

Yay me!


  • Jessabi93
    Jessabi93 Posts: 45 Member
    Congrats!! I'm so jealous, I seriously cannot WAIT for my thigh gap moment ;D
  • Blaster7702
    Blaster7702 Posts: 1 Member
    That is AWESOME! Good for you :-)
  • nazashi
    nazashi Posts: 93 Member
    That is fab! Way to go girl!!
  • anatee1
    anatee1 Posts: 20
    I'd love to get that aswell!
    Congratulations and keep up the good work :)
  • alesi_79
    alesi_79 Posts: 23
  • RainaWalks
    RainaWalks Posts: 72
    Yay! isn't it a great feeling? Enjoy?
    keep up the good work.....
  • FammaMel
    FammaMel Posts: 293 Member
    That's a great NSV. Congrats!!
  • Sounds stupid but feels GREAT! Well done.

    We all secretly want daylight :)
  • sharee05
    sharee05 Posts: 21
    Go you!!! I cant wait until i get one lol
  • stylistchik
    stylistchik Posts: 1,436 Member
    Congrats! I've come to terms with the fact I will probably never have a thigh gap, but muscley thighs always beat jiggly ones! :-)
  • moss11
    moss11 Posts: 236 Member
    Fantastic! I have always had sleek inner thigh envy!!! :-)
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