Scales that measure body fat?

Just how accurate are these? Worth the investment or no?


  • rose313
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    I don't have one, but I have heard from other posters here that they are not accurate. Does your gym have a way to measure body fat? It's worth a try to ask.
  • pattyproulx
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    I have one and it sucks, haha.
    From what I've read, they're not that accurate. It says I'm about 22-23% bf, my trainer took my measurements and said I was 12%.
    I don't think I'm necessarily 12%, but I'm pretty sure I'm less than 22-23%.

    If you're looking for an accurate bf%, you probably won't get that. However, if you're just looking to see whether you're progressing or not, it should be able to tell you if you're body fate is dropping.
  • Hendrix7
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    Waste of money
  • 916lude
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    .... are not accurate