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I've reached my target weight after what for me was a very strict, very hard diet, refusing chocolate, energy drinks, potatoes, chips, sweets - the usuals. So now I'm done with my diet and my family were expecting me to no longer refuse (My 10 year old lad particularly). unfortunately there's going to be hardly any difference is there!

So as advisable, I chose to lose at about 1 to 2 lbs a week, which now means essentially that I have another 500 calories a day to play with!

When you reach your target weight what will you do with the extra calories? Exercise less? Bigger portion sizes? A couple more treats? Or will your diet change completely!

I think I will just keep it pretty much the same but start having potatoes again and have an extra pretein bar - doesn't seem a lot does it!!!


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    if i am hungry, i eat. if i'm not, i don't.
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    I think this is the bit that I am only just now coming to terms with. There is no end to this. I am always going to have to track, If I dont then old habbits will creep back in and in a blink I will be putting on a larger pair of jeans. I do allow chocolate and wine and beer, if I want it. Just have to make room in the day for it. The funny thing is that I dont crave stuff as much as I expected, mainly cos I know I can eat it if I want it.

    So when I get to goal weight, I will switch to 0lb per week loss and track from there. I will only weigh every couple of weeks and focus if things slip by 2 or 3 lb (Seems a plan)

    It will be interesting to see what "maintainers" have to say, and how it is working for them.
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    It will be interesting to see what "maintainers" have to say, and how it is working for them.

    That interests me a great deal too, unfortunately they seem to be in the minority on here, and I hope to become one of those minorities as I fear that when I lose focus - the weight will go back on!
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    if i am hungry, i eat. if i'm not, i don't.

    ^^ This.
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    Hi. Not are if u know but there is a maintenance group :). U might like to join
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    if i am hungry, i eat. if i'm not, i don't.

    I do ^^^^^ this too ^^^^
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    for starters a I would increase your cals slowly, if you add in all 500/day you may gain at first. Try adding 150-200 for 3-4 weeks then add another 15-200, then 3-4 weeks later make the move to maintenance intake. This gets you use to eating more slowly, and will help you find your actual maintenance intake (MFP is just an estimate and may be off).

    When it comes to what I eat, more of the same.
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    I changed from the MFP set up to a body recomp calorie cycling system of slow, steady body fat reduction.
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    if i am hungry, i eat. if i'm not, i don't.

    If I am hungry, I drink water first, if that doesn't work then I eat. :)
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    MFP set me to "maintain" at 1780 when I was eating 1200 ( without counting in excersise cals, of course). I listened to advice of other MFPers and reset them manually myself for 1500. Thats only 300 more than I was doing as opposed to 580 WHICH IS ALOT IN MY OPINION!! ahh it freaked me out!! I dont even eat all 1500 on a normal day.

    But anyways yeah I reccomend this. You could decrease your workouts if you want but I dont see it necessary. And as far as the excess calories you now have to play with, just make them "worth it" things, like healthy fats, lean protien, fruit and veg.

    hope it helps ya out. We can be maintenance buddies also if you like :)
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    if i am hungry, i eat. if i'm not, i don't.

    That's a good outlook but I can't really see how that relates to maintenance or even weight loss?? All very well if you're not hungry very often or if it doesn't take much to satisfy your hunger; but if you're always hungry then it isn't going to work!
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    Some good advice thanks - didn't realise there were 'maintenance' people on here and I certainly didnt know there was a maintenance group - I'll be joining that for sure