Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

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I just bought a fantastic book "The Asian Diet: Get Slim and Stay Slim the Asian Way". I just got it today and had a quick flick through the recipes. One of my friends asked me for this, so I thought i would copy and paste it for anyone else that might want it. Enjoy! x

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup: (4 servings)

½ small onion
1-inch piece ginger
3 pounds beef bones
10 cups water
4 pieces star anise
½ tsp salt
½ tsp sugar
1lb lean, tender beef

8 oz’s dry, flat rice noodles (pho)

2 scallions, thinly sliced
1 small onion, thinly sliced
5 coriander sprigs, thinly sliced
½ cup bean sprouts
5 sprigs basil
6 sprigs fresh cilantro (ngo gai) I think this is like coriander??
Fresh red or green chilli pepper, thinly sliced

Lime or lemon quarters
Fish sauce
Hoisin sauce
Hot chilli sauce

1. Broil onion and ginger until charred. Using back of clever, smash the ginger and set aside.
2. Wash beef bones, place in a medium soup pot, and add water to cover. Bring to a boil and immediately pour off “first boiling” water and discard. This extra “boil up” cleanses the bones and yields a clearer broth. Add 10 cups of fresh water and again bring to a boil. Skim of foam. Add broiled onion, ginger, star anise, salt and sugar. Simmer for 45 minutes over medium-low heat.
3. Slice raw beef into thin strips and set aside.
4. Remove bones from broth and strain out vegetables and seasonings.
5. Soak noodles in cold water for 10 minutes and drain. In a soup pot, bring 2 quarts of fresh water to a boil. Add drained noodles and cook 7 minutes at a rolling boil, stirring occasionally, until noodles are tender.
6. Rinse noodles under cold running water and set aside.
7. Return the broth to a boil over high heat.
To serve: divide noodles among two or four large individual serving bowls. Arrange thinly sliced raw beef, scallions, onion, and cilantro on top. Pour boiling hot broth to cover the noodles and serve immediately. The boiling broth will cook the thin slices of beef. Pho is always is accompanied by bean sprouts, basil leaves, cilantro, and chilli pepper. Serve with lime and lemon quarters, fish sauce, hoisin sauce and hot chilli sauce.

Nutrition Information per serving (4 servings): 468 calories, 11g total fat (4g saturated fat), 98mg cholesterol, 394mg sodium, 52g carbohydrates, 2g dietary fibre, 38g protein.

This would clearly be a main meal, but sounds yummy. Although if I was pushed for time I think I would use oxo cubes or something and then add the star anise etc to that rather than the beef bones.


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    That looks delicious. I've always liked pho but never knew how to cook it. And cilantro is my favorite herb - I use it by the bunch.